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Google’s major changes for Android users in India

In recent years, Google has made several significant changes to its Android operating system in India. These changes have been aimed at making the platform more accessible and user-friendly for Indian users, as well as addressing concerns raised by the Indian government.

One of the most notable changes that they have made to Android in India is the introduction of a new data-saving feature called “Google Go.” This feature allows users to save data while using the internet and also provides a faster and more lightweight version of Google Search. It is designed to work well on slower internet connections, a common issue in India.


Another major change that Google has made to Android in India is the introduction of the “Google Assistant” feature. This feature allows users to control their phones and access information using voice commands. It also allows users to access information in multiple languages, including Hindi and English, which is important for users in India who may not be fluent in English.

A certain list of changes for Android:

  • Individual Google apps may now be licensed for pre-installation on devices by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).
  • A dialogue to select their default search engine will appear during device setup for new users.
  • In order to allow Google partners to create incompatible or forked versions of Android, the compatibility restrictions will be changed.
  • In-app digital content can be purchased using choice billing, which gives users the option of using Google Play‘s billing system or a different one of their choosing.
  • To reduce security threats, the method for sideloading apps onto Android devices has changed. Applications downloaded directly from developers’ websites would fall under this category.
  • The business will broaden the scope of its online support materials by including information on Google Play Services and how their service charges are applied.

In terms of positioning and marketing tactics, the Indian government has been very severe with Google. For having limitations on device manufacturers regarding the pre-installation of applications and search engine monopoly, Google was fined $161 Million (Rs. 1337.76 crores) back in October. Google had intended to prevent the CCI (Competition Commission of India) from enforcing these orders by highlighting the need to modify agreements with more than 1100 device manufacturers nationwide.

Overall, Google’s changes to Android in India demonstrate the company’s commitment to making its platform more accessible and user-friendly for Indian users.


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