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A Revolutionary Partnership: Gods Reign and Times OOH Usher in a New Era of Esports Advertising

In a groundbreaking collaboration that is set to reshape the landscape of Indian Esports, Gods Reign, a prominent Esports and gaming entertainment company, has joined forces with Times OOH, a leading player in the Indian outdoor advertising industry. This landmark Gods Reign and Times OOH partnership brings together the dynamic world of Esports with the innovation of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, introducing a new era of engagement and sponsorship opportunities for the Indian Esports community

Gods Reign and Times OOH: Pioneering a Fusion of Esports and OOH Advertising:

Gods Reign, recognized for its excellence in the realm of Esports, has forged an unprecedented alliance with Times OOH, a trailblazer in the OOH media landscape. As the ‘Title Sponsor’ for the Battlegrounds Master Series (BGMS) 2023, this collaboration marks the first-ever integration of an Indian Esports organization with OOH advertising. This partnership not only amplifies Gods Reign’s presence but also paves the way for innovative avenues of sponsorships and engagements in the realm of Esports.

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Revolutionizing the Indian OOH Industry: Times OOH’s Remarkable Influence

With a remarkable 24% market share in the Indian OOH industry, Times OOH has cemented its position as a leader. Known for offering comprehensive OOH advertising solutions at prime locations such as Airports, Metro stations, and digital platforms, Times OOH brings innovation and strategic engagement to the forefront. This strategic partnership with Gods Reign propels Times OOH into the world of Esports, creating a bridge between gaming enthusiasts and a wider audience through an OOH billboard initiative across cities like Delhi and Bangalore.

Captivating a Diverse Audience: Traditional Sports Meets Esports

The collaborative effort between Gods Reign and Times OOH goes beyond appealing solely to gamers. By launching the billboard initiative, the partnership seeks to captivate not only the dedicated gaming community but also traditional sports spectators. This initiative offers a unique gateway for conventional sports enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the exhilarating universe of Esports. The collaboration not only bridges the gap between traditional sports and Esports but also widens the reach of both industries.

The Association with Impact: Times OOH’s Prominence on Gods Reign’s Canvas

Times OOH’s influence doesn’t stop at billboards; it also claims the title spot on Gods Reign’s team jersey for BGMS Season 2. This dual presence creates a powerful synergy between two distinct yet interconnected realms – outdoor advertising and Esports. The association with Gods Reign positions Times OOH at the forefront of the evolving Esports landscape, capitalizing on the sector’s rapid growth and its inherent ability to reach diverse audiences.

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Shared Vision and Collaborative Approach: CEOs Weigh In

The shared vision between Gods Reign and Times OOH underlines their dedication to revolutionizing the Esports industry. Mr. Aman Nanda, Chief Strategy Officer at Times OOH, expressed how this collaboration aligns with Times OOH’s belief in investing in premium properties that have a significant impact. The collaboration with Gods Reign resonates with the immense potential of Esports in the OOH advertising space, offering a diverse audience base, especially at locations like airports.

K.R.ROHITH, CEO of Gods Reign, further emphasized that this partnership amplifies the fundamental operations of the organization by enhancing the competitive prowess of their teams in major Esports events. The synergy between the two entities embodies innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment to delivering exceptional performance.

A Glimpse into the Future

The monumental success of the inaugural BGMI Masters Series (2022) set the stage for a thriving Esports landscape in India, with the ongoing season 2 slated to captivate audiences until August 27, 2023. The strategic alliance between Gods Reign and Times OOH holds the promise of redefining the trajectory of Indian Esports.
The groundbreaking partnership between Gods Reign and Times OOH signifies a pivotal moment in both the Esports and advertising industries. This fusion of talents and expertise is poised to redefine how brands engage with audiences through the powerful combination of Esports and OOH advertising. As traditional sports enthusiasts and gamers converge under the allure of billboards and team jerseys, the alliance signifies a resounding step towards reshaping the future of Esports engagement and sponsorships.


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