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According to Thor’s Actor, God of War Ragnarok is “Super Complex” and a “Rich Tapestry”

As per Ryan Hurst, Thor’s actor, God of War Ragnarok is “very intricate and a beautiful tapestry.” The actor described the game as “very intricate and a rich tapestry” while speaking at Comic Con Revolution in May, likely referring to how motion capture was done for the game since he was encircled by monitors that enabled him to see how his performance would convert to the overall character.

According to Thor's Actor, God of War Ragnarok is "Super Complex" and a "Rich Tapestry"
credits – dexerto.com

God of War Ragnarok

Ryan Hurst also mentioned that he recently finished audio clips for God of War Ragnarok during the same interview. He also said that he was not cast in the part after being pitched by two unnamed creators who spent five hours detailing the game and the character.

God of War Ragnarok is presently in development for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, with no known release date. Despite Sony Santa Monica not giving much information on the topic, the game was recently rated in South Korea, so it does not appear likely that it will be postponed until 2023. God of War Ragnarok will be launched on PlayStation platforms around the world later this year.

According to Thor's Actor, God of War Ragnarok is "Super Complex" and a "Rich Tapestry"
credits – thegamepost.com

Statement from Sony Santa Monica

The God of War Ragnarok, according to reports, is an elephant in the room. They didn’t say anything about it because everyone was focused on their task. They are perfectionists in every way. On the third floor, everyone is bringing up the schedule. They want to communicate everything that’s going on right now with the users, but it’s just not there yet.

However, they guarantee that they will do so as soon as they have something they want to share. They don’t want to be restrained in any way. So please hold on tighter, know that something amazing is on the way for them and that everyone here in Santa Monica is tremendously grateful for all of your support.

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