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Xiaomi’s Lei Jun says Genshin Impact can be played at a smooth 60FPS on the Xiaomi 13 without overheating

The Xiaomi 13 series debut is almost approaching, thus the firm has been giving a lot of teasers in the run-up to its announcement. The most recent one now comes directly from the founder and CEO of the business. Let’s look, then.

According to the Chinese tech giant’s CEO, Lei Jun, the next flagship smartphones can run Genshin Impact at high settings without any issues. For those unfamiliar, Genshin Impact is a multi platform title that operates on both cellphones and PCs. Therefore, it is fairly demanding for a handheld device.

The device, according to the senior official, can play the game at full 60 frames per second without overheating or experiencing any throttling problems.

Genshin Impact

Typically, the chipset automatically starts lowering performance once a device starts to run hot in order to prevent thermally related system damage. The Xiaomi 13 can play the game, nevertheless, without getting above 43° Celsius. Even if it is being used for gaming, this is still true. Additionally, during the gaming test that the brand had undertaken, not even the screen’s brightness was reduced.

With Genshin Impact serving as a great example of an intense mobile game, the Xiaomi 13 series is thus shaping up to be a great smartphone for gaming as well. The fact that the gadget has Qualcomm’s most recent and greatest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC helps explain why it performs so well. The chipmaking behemoth’s newest flagship chipset offers a number of advancements over its forerunners.


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