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Games Inside Games

Many game developers include mini-games inside their huge creations. These can be board, card or dice games. Sometimes they are even slot-like ones. Games based in the modern world can have a whole casino building with games inside and they might be interactive for players to join. Game developers set up different games with their own rules. They can be simple and quick fillers, or complex strategic ones that might take hours or days to master. Players can play these mini-games whenever they want within the game. They are even sometimes placed inside the main storyline, but generally available somewhere as a side quest.

Why do game developers include them?

Most people like playing these games in real life, so if they identify themselves with the hero in the game, they will enjoy them there too. Mini-games are also a huge source of income for freemium game developers. It is a way for them to show themselves in the game industry that they pay bigger companies for including their game inside bigger production. Some games can be purely entertainment with no options to win real prizes on or even play against other players. But there might be extra features that give players an opportunity to gamble, exchange them for in-game currency and use them shortly after as an option to buy something inside the game. 

Some game developers include mini games as part of the story. You want to go further with the main quest, but you need to beat someone in the game. Sometimes winning forces the opponent to give you something or share information. It brings diversity to the game, since most of them are based on fighting skills, and including such tasks for the player forces them to use their logic and mind, not only fast fingers on the keyboard or controller. 

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Game developers are not only including games in their creations for fun, they also want to reach a wider audience. Every man on the planet has at least one game he likes playing. If you include a game people enjoy, it can motivate them to play your bigger game too and add extra money into your bank account.  

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Adding small games also makes the world created in the game more similar to the real one, since games are part of human life. Players can often find casino-like games in inns, bars and clubs and try their luck and skill against NPC, who are controlled by computer. 

People who like gambling are also part of the fiction of the game, and playing online kaszinó games is similar to the real life experience. You can gamble with gold, coins or other currency in the game. It is possible to win a lot and make your hero rich, or lose all their money. 

Some mini games became so popular that they are now available as separate titles. For example Gwent from The Witcher3 received its own standalone game. It is a card-based game with a fantasy theme, best used for multiplayer game sessions. Players can choose from a lot of different cards and make several decks. They can use them either in single person play, or against other players online 

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Why do so many people use mini-games during their gameplay?

There is no single, correct answer for this question, because every person has a different reason. Many players identify with the hero inside the game, and they want to lead their life in the most real way possible, so they enter bars or clubs and spend some time there between quests. Others use mini-games to earn money for their hero inside the game. Just like some gamblers in reality do. A third group wants to enjoy easy tasks, so they play games because of the fun and relaxation. They use mini-game as a rest for themselves between tough quests available in the storyline.

Some mini-games are really engaging and gamers admit that they sometimes spend more time playing mini-game than on main quests.  Developers often make it even more interesting by winding up the difficulty level for mini-games according to the hero’s skill and how many opponents have been defeated. This creates new challenges for players so the thing that they like the most in games.


Mini-games are fantastic additions to bigger titles, and fans often really enjoy them. They bring diversity to the game and force players to use their minds and logic. Players often use them as passtime between quests to let their focus rest between episodes of fighting and keeping up with the plot.

If you are a player who enjoys gambling, card games or other mini-games then definitely try them out when you play the next big game with plenty of quests inside it. You might find something interesting for yourself and spend more time playing the game rather than being furious about fighting with the tough boss again. 


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