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Flipkart joins the metaverse and introduces Flipverse for a brand-new shopping experience

Flipverse is a metaverse space where customers can discover products in a photorealistic virtual destination and shop on the Flipkart App. Flipverse was launched yesterday by Flipkart, India’s domestic e-commerce platform, in partnership with eDAO, a Polygon-incubated organization that designs and launches global art, media, and entertainment IPs at scale.

Flipkart and Filpverse

Customers will have access to numerous brands, Supercoins, and digital treasures through Flipverse, which will also provide them gamified, interactive, and immersive shopping experiences online.

Flipkart joins the metaverse and introduces Flipverse for a brand-new shopping experience
credits – parcelmonitor.com

In a metaverse where communication is two-way, the launch’s goal is to “reverse” the shopping narrative and bring customers closer to their favorite companies. Flipkart’s recently released platform, FireDrops, which can be accessible from the e-commerce site’s app, will have Flipverse available on it.

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With the help of Flipverse, a variety of brands will be able to develop original product introductions, discovery, and engaging user experiences. Brands will be able to generate and create their metaverse-ready digital twins in the virtual world thanks to this at the same time. The digital twin can then use brands’ items, take advantage of promotions, and win digital collectibles that open up exclusive opportunities.

Flipkart joins the metaverse and introduces Flipverse for a brand-new shopping experience
credits – businessinsider.in

Features in the 1st Edition

In this first edition of Flipverse, a wide range of firms will embrace the concept of a virtual theater to showcase their goods and promotions, from sportswear, wearable gadgets, and fashion to home appliances and cosmetics.

Flipkart joins the metaverse and introduces Flipverse for a brand-new shopping experience
credits – cryptotimes.io

Numerous companies will take part in this edition, including Puma, Noise, Nivea, Lavie, Tokyo Talkies, Campus, VIP, Ajmal Perfumes, Himalaya, and Butterfly India. For one week, Flipverse’s initial version will only be accessible on Android devices. The objective is to launch the online purchasing era and expose Flipverse to millions of consumers.

Amazon, Flipkart’s primary rival, recently debuted “AmazonMetaworld,” a metaverse of digital experiences, in several cities during the company’s Great Indian Festival (GIF) event. Both Amazon employees and customers have access to physical experience centers where they may create virtual personas, put on VR headsets, compete with others, earn points, win prizes, and engage with social media influencers.

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