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15th World Esports Championships: Abhinav Tejan and Ibrahim Gulrez Lead India’s Charge

In a remarkable display of India’s evolving presence in the realm of competitive gaming, two exceptional esports athletes, Abhinav Tejan and Ibrahim Gulrez, are poised to carry the national flag with pride at the 15th World Esports Championships (WEC).

These promising young talents are set to represent India in the prestigious championship, participating in the Tekken 7 and eFootball 2023 categories, as they compete for a share of the substantial $500,000 prize pool. Taking place in the picturesque city of Iasi, Romania, the event is scheduled to kick off on August 26, 2023, and is anticipated to be a significant platform for India to assert its dominance on the global esports stage.

15th World Esports Championships: All You Need to Know

Abhinav Tejan’s Path to Tekken 7 Glory

Abhinav Tejan, an accomplished esports athlete with a plethora of victories under his belt, will be making his sixth appearance on the international stage, representing India with pride and determination. Tejan’s journey in the Tekken 7 title commences with intense group-stage battles against fierce competitors from Turkmenistan, Egypt, and Colombia. On the following day, he will go toe-to-toe with opponents from Bulgaria and Turkey.

Tejan, who recently clinched the title at the India Premiership 2023 and secured victory at the South Asia Regional Finals of the Tekken World Tour last year, is no stranger to the pressure of international competition. Armed with unmatched skills and a thorough understanding of the game, he is eager to showcase India’s potential and capabilities in esports to the global audience.

Ibrahim Gulrez’s Dazzling Debut in eFootball 2023

A rising star in the world of eFootball, Ibrahim Gulrez is set to make his debut appearance on the grand stage of the 15th World Esports Championships. Competing in the eFootball 2023 category, Gulrez’s journey will see him engage in intense clashes against formidable adversaries from Kazakhstan, Portugal, Mali, Uruguay, and Belgium during the group stage. While he might be a newcomer to the international scene, Gulrez’s determination, skill, and strategic prowess have already garnered attention within the esports community. His participation at this prestigious event underscores the ever-expanding pool of talent and potential in India’s esports landscape.

Paving the Path to Success

Both Abhinav Tejan and Ibrahim Gulrez earned their coveted spots at the 15th WEC by showcasing their mettle and resilience in the highly competitive National Esports Championships (NESC) 2023. Despite starting from the loser bracket, their remarkable performances and unwavering dedication propelled them onto the global stage. Their inspiring journeys serve as a testament to the remarkable growth and talent present within the Indian esports community.

ESFI’s Unwavering Support and Optimism

Lauding the achievements and aspirations of these two remarkable esports athletes, Mr. Lokesh Suji, Director of the Esports Federation of India (ESFI) and Vice President of the Asian Esports Federation (AESF), expressed his confidence in their abilities. Tejan and Gulrez embody the relentless spirit and competitive excellence that define the Indian esports landscape. The ESFI’s resolute support and belief in these athletes reflect the organization’s commitment to nurturing and promoting excellence within India’s esports ecosystem.

As the countdown to the 15th World Esports Championships begins, anticipation and excitement are building within India’s esports community. The performances of Abhinav Tejan and Ibrahim Gulrez hold the promise of not just personal triumphs, but also of elevating India’s stature in the global esports arena. With their sights set on victory, both athletes are poised to make their mark and contribute to the narrative of India’s rise as a force to be reckoned with in the world of esports. As the championship unfolds, the esports community eagerly awaits the display of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship that will undoubtedly captivate audiences worldwide.


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