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E-AMRIT: Niti Aayog has released a new app to assist with EV benefits and savings

A mobile application named E-AMRIT has been launched by the public policy think tank Niti Aayog to promote electric mobility. The company also released research on the Advanced Chemistry Cell Battery Reuse and Recycling Market in India.

Niti Aayog and E-AMRIT

You can get E-AMRIT, short for Accelerated e-Mobility Revolution for India’s Transportation, from the Google Play store. The app gives users access to vital information, such as engagement features that let them assess savings and enjoy the advantages of electric vehicles (EVs). The app also offers up-to-date information on the Indian EV market’s most recent developments.

E-AMRIT: Niti Aayog has released a new app to assist with EV benefits and savings
credits – republicworld.com

The E-AMRIT mobile app is an upgraded version of the e-Amrit, an EV online portal introduced at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, last year. Additionally, the website provided details on EV adoption, purchases, investment opportunities, policies, and subsidies, among other things.

India and EV

During the launch, the COP26 President, Alok Sharma said that India is the world’s fifth-largest and fastest-growing automobile market, offering enormous potential for the adoption of electric vehicles.

Niti Aayog has released a new app to assist with EV benefits and savings
credits – cyberworldtechnologies.co.in

He also added that the transition to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) is well underway and quickening, producing 100,000s of new employment in e-mobility, lowering technological prices, providing cleaner air for us to breathe, and lowering our reliance on foreign fuels.

India is one of the 42 world leaders that have endorsed and joined the UK’s Glasgow Breakthroughs, which was unveiled at the COP26 climate meeting. Along with the US and the UK, India is co-chairing the Glasgow Breakthrough on Road Transport.

The Breakthrough on Road Transport intends to increase the affordability, accessibility, and sustainability of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs), such as two- and three-wheelers, cars, vans, and heavy-duty vehicles, in all regions by 2030.

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