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CMS IT SERVICES releases White Paper on Cyber Security

The 5 As of Identity and Access Management- Enterprise security’s newest gatekeeper

Bangalore, 12 August 2021: CMS IT Services, the leading digital transformation partner of enterprises globally, has released a new framework for Identity and Access Management – the number one problem plaguing CISOs in the remote-working digital economy.

“With a staggering 4000 cyber-attacks carried out daily, cybercrime surged by 800 per cent during the pandemic. Social engineering is a prime threat, with hackers employing AI-assisted tools to steal user identities and perpetrate supply chain attacks and enterprise-wide fraud. Our 5A framework helps businesses stay ahead of disruption by heightening identity governance for all entities in the system – be it in-house employees, partners, or third-party integrations – while also preserving the user experience”, explains Anuj Vaid, Executive Director, CMS IT Services.

In modern enterprises, a hybrid IT architecture – along with a complex web of distributed users, devices, and applications – amplifies the access points to data and system vulnerabilities. With the volume, velocity, and variety of operational data generated every minute, it’s impossible to scale a piece-meal approach to control who has access to what, where and how.

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The 5A framework utilizes the principles of Ikigai to ensure that all the layers and dimensions of functions that are fulfilled in an enterprise by different people, at different places come together in a reliable and secure way. This holistic approach is the foundation of a comprehensive suite of scalable security solutions that span the whole expanse of areas and entities in a contemporary business.

“The best part is that the 5As of IAM approach doesn’t require you to re-engineer your cybersecurity strategy. Instead, it helps you maximize the power of your existing security investments and fortify your enterprise-wide defenses without having to make new capex investments”, added SudhansuNayak, HeadCybersecurity, CMS IT Services.

A whitepaper on how to leverage the 5A methodology for enterprise-wide Identity and Access Management is available here.


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