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Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan Returns with a Bang, Promising Explosive Entertainment!

Bigg Boss 17 Promo: A Bombshell of Excitement

As the calendar inches closer to October 15 the excitement in the air is palpable. Bigg Boss is one of India’s most beloved reality TV shows, is set to make its grand return with its 17th season. This time, it promises to be an explosive affair, with none other than Bollywood megastar Salman Khan reprising his role as the charismatic host. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the exhilarating world of Bigg Boss 17, from the tantalizing promo that has set social media ablaze to the heightened expectations surrounding this season. On the first Weekend Ka Vaar, no contestant getting eliminated from the BB17 house. On Day 10, Aishwarya, Neil, Khaanzadi, Soniya, Sana, and Sunny were nominated for the elimination.

The Iconic Host Returns:

Salman Khan, the face of Bigg Boss, is making a spectacular comeback to our television screens. The recently unveiled promo of the show has sent shockwaves of anticipation through the fans, leaving them eagerly counting down the days until the grand premiere. In this promo, Salman Khan sports a short hairstyle, which he has been donning for his upcoming blockbuster, Tiger 3.

A Glimpse of the Explosive Promo of Bigg Boss 17

The Bigg Boss 17 promo opens with a suspenseful shot of Salman Khan, seated in front of a ticking bomb – a powerful symbol of the explosive journey that lies ahead. With his trademark charm, Salman quips, “Arey ye bhi koi bomb hai. Isse bhi explosive sadasya aayenge,” playfully suggesting that the contestants themselves will prove to be more explosive than the ticking time bomb.

The tension in the room reaches its peak as Salman attempts to defuse the bomb, and viewers can’t help but hold their breath. In a dramatic twist, he cuts the wrong wire, and the bomb detonates in a fiery explosion. Emerging unscathed from the pyrotechnic display, Salman declares, “Aag se khilayenge, dhamaka karayenge, dil dimaag aur dum ka hoga ye game but ye game nahi hoga sabke liye same to same.” This powerful statement sets the stage for what promises to be an electrifying and unpredictable season of Bigg Boss.

Fan Expectations and Controversies

As with every season of Bigg Boss, fan expectations are sky-high. The show’s loyal fan base has taken to social media to voice their support for their favourite contestants, with names like Elvish Yadav and Manisha Rani buzzing in discussions. However, it’s not all smooth sailing; some viewers have expressed concerns about the possibility of bias in the show, emphasizing the need for a level playing field. These controversies only add to the intrigue and anticipation surrounding Bigg Boss 17.

JioCinema’s Exciting Announcement

JioCinema, one of the platforms where viewers can catch Bigg Boss 17, shared the promo with unwavering enthusiasm. Their announcement came with a promise: “Dhamakedaar hogi yeh nayi shuruvat, naye andaaz mein swagat hoga poore dum ke saath! Aa raha hai #BiggBoss17, 15 Oct raat 9 PM se, 24 hours LIVE Streaming Free only on #JioCinema.” This declaration ensures that fans can indulge in the show’s rollercoaster of emotions, drama, and entertainment anytime, anywhere, with the added thrill of live streaming.

Recapping During the Cricket World Cup

One fascinating point of discussion among fans is the overlap of Bigg Boss 17 with the cricket World Cup. The cricket frenzy in India is unparalleled, and it’s no secret that cricket matches often dominate the television screens during tournaments like the World Cup. This raises the question: will viewers prioritize watching cricket over the live broadcasts of Bigg Boss 17? Some fans have expressed concerns that the show might take a back seat during the cricketing extravaganza, with people opting for recaps over live viewing. It remains to be seen how this dynamic will play out and whether Bigg Boss 17 can hold its own amidst the cricket fever.

Explosive Anticipation for Bigg Boss 17

As we eagerly await the premiere of Bigg Boss 17, there’s no denying the palpable excitement in the air. With Salman Khan’s triumphant return and the explosive promo, the stage is set for a season that promises to be “different” and “explosive,” just as Salman Khan declared. So, mark your calendars for October 15, as Bigg Boss 17 is about to take the nation by storm, and you won’t want to miss a minute of the electrifying entertainment that awaits! Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, drama, and suspense as Bigg Boss 17 unfolds before our eyes.

Latest Updates:

  • Sana Raees has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss 17 house.
  • Salman Khan has given threat to Abhishek Kumar
  • Isha Malviya is the next participants to be evicted from Bigg Boss 17 house.
  • Vicky and Ankita have shifted to Dum House
  • Ankita Lokhande collapses after cat fight with Mannara Chopra.
  • Sunny Arya aka Tehelka Bhai slams Abhishek Kumar for their fight
  • Sunny Arya released from Bigg Boss 17 house.
  • Anjali Arora will take a  wild card entry in Bigg Boss 17 house.
  • Sunny Arya popularly known as Tehlka Bhai wants to be kicked out from the show.
  • Anurag Dobhal will take Voluntarily leave from the show by paying a penalty of Rs. 2 Crore
  • Munnawar Faruqui became the king of the week in BB17 house
  • Orry takes wild card entry in Bigg Boss 17 house
  • Salman Khan told Khaanzadi to leave Bigg Boss 17 house
  • This week Abhishek Kumar is ruling on the Bigg Boss meter
  • In Bigg Boss 17 house Mannara Chopra and Ankita Lokhande have engaged in a major argument
  • Orhan Awatramani aka Orry will enter into the Bigg Boss 17 house
  • Navid Sole eliminated from the Bigg Boss 17
  • The Bollywood superstar Salman Khan plays cricket with Bigg Boss contestants.
  • Navid Sole may be the  next name in the elimination list.
  • In the new promo Salman Khan become too angry and said, ‘Go to hell’  .
  • Vicky told Ankita not to rake a shower and asks to go to the activity room  immediately
  • Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma claims Ankita-Vicky pair as unhygienic
  • Anurag Dobhal has demanded for the exit from the show
  • Ankita Lokhande claims husband Vicky Jain as ‘Selfish’
  • Salman Khan becomes angry on Firoza Khan, and Katrina Kaif hold his hand.
  • Munawar Faruqui gets plunge in between the fight of Mannara Chopra, and Jigna Vora
  • Khaanzadi removes Anurag, Samarth, and Sunny in the third round.
  • Navid and Samarth are the contestants at the bottom of spotlight
  • The former Bigg Boss contestants Aly Goni shows his support to Munawar Faruqui and said, ‘he is one of the most beautiful humans he has met’.


  1. When does Bigg Boss 17 start airing?

    Bigg Boss 17 is scheduled to start airing on October 20

  2. Who is hosting Bigg Boss 17?

    Salman Khan is returning as the host of Bigg Boss 17.

  3. What is the theme or concept of Bigg Boss 17?

    The theme of Bigg Boss 17 is “Dil Dimaag Aur Dum,” which translates to “Heart, Mind, and Strength.” This theme indicates that contestants will need to engage all these aspects of themselves to succeed in the challenges and dynamics of the show. It promises an intense and emotional season for viewers.

  4. Where can I watch Bigg Boss 17 online?

    Bigg Boss 17 can be watched online on JioCinema, among other platforms, as announced in the promo.

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