Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Assassins Creed Valhalla Final Update has ties with the next installment in the Series

Aside from bug updates and a wrap-up to the story, the final update for Assassins Creed Valhalla also includes a tie-in mission with the upcoming installment in the series, Assassins Creed Mirage. Roshan, Basim’s mentor in the Mirage, appears in the companion quest, Shared History. When she learns that they are up against the same enemy in this quest, she will join forces with Eivor, the main character in Valhalla.

In the final chapter of the story, Eivor teams up with old comrades and engages in one more battle with long-ago foes. As Basim gains more prominence in the game’s present-day sections, this story update also includes Mirage-related plot components, according to Eurogamer.

A hood toggle function allows Eivor to put on or take off the recognizable Assassin’s Creed hood as he pleases. This is purely an aesthetic choice that has no bearing on stealth gameplay. The Animus store also offers players a free premium item. All things in the store, except for those that are licensed, will eventually be claimable in this manner. After completing The First Night of Samhain quest, festival rewards are also available in all merchant stores.


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