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Apple Vision Pro Headset Users Report Headaches, Neck Pain, and Black Eye Concerns

A recent article by MarketWatch has drawn attention to the struggles of some of Apple’s Vision Pro headset owners who encountered multiple health-related problems due to a prolonged use of the device.

For example, Emily Olman, who serves as Hopscotch Interactive’s vice president of marketing, talked about her “super dark black eyes” that she received after wearing the Vision Pro for the first time. She reasoned that it was due to the pressure of the headset’s weight on her cheeks. Another example is Signal’s consulting president Ian Beacraft who complained about pain in the upper back and the base of the skull after appealing to Vision Pro for a long time.

image 14 88 jpg Apple Vision Pro Headset Users Report Headaches, Neck Pain, and Black Eye Concerns

Arising Health Issues with Apple Vision Pro

Reddit users have also used the platform to broadcast their discontent with Vision Pro. The issues raised on the platform include but are not limited to constant, uninterrupted headaches and eye strain while wearing the device. Some users have also reported being overly sensitive to the device’s weight, while others have seemingly been able to mitigate the problem by testing alternative straps or accessories made by third-party manufacturers and have given positive reviews to those offered by Apple.

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image 14 91 jpg Apple Vision Pro Headset Users Report Headaches, Neck Pain, and Black Eye Concerns

Apple has so far not made any statements concerning these allegations and instead referred anyone with questions to their guides. The guides recommended that people take regular breaks every 20 to 30 minutes during the use, especially in the beginning. In fact, the company specifically warns people to stop using Apple Glass should they feel any discomfort, such as pain in their eyes and the head. Sudden discoveries of such and more issues in the development also stress the importance of ergonomic design and comfort as parts of developing wearable technology.

image 14 89 jpg Apple Vision Pro Headset Users Report Headaches, Neck Pain, and Black Eye Concerns

It is especially important for leaders in the augmented and virtual reality sector, such as Apple, which are more likely to introduce changes in this direction. Despite its impressive feature set and immersive experiences, Vision Pro cannot turn a blind eye to the potential damage to the user’s health, so the further development of the product requires constant verification and improvement to find a balance between technical progress and user comfort. It is also vital for technology companies and users to maintain vigilance on wearable devices’ health impact, actively advocating for user-friendly design and responsible use to eliminate major risk factors.


  1. How common are the health issues reported by Apple Vision Pro headset users?

    While not universal, complaints such as headaches and neck pain have been reported by multiple users, indicating a notable concern.

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  2. What can users do to alleviate discomfort when using the Apple Vision Pro headset?

    Users should follow Apple’s guidelines, which recommend taking regular breaks and discontinuing use if discomfort arises. Exploring alternative strap configurations or third-party accessories may also provide relief.


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