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Amazon Pay launches sign language video KYC service

Amazon Pay has recently introduced a groundbreaking service in India’s digital payments sector that uses video sign language for Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, enhancing inclusivity for customers with hearing and speech impairments. The newly launched initiative allows Amazon Pay employees to communicate with customers through sign language via two-way video, making the KYC process more accessible.

Amazon Pay launches sign language video KYC service for hearing and speech-impaired customers

This innovative step is in line with Amazon’s pledge to Digital Bharat, reinforcing its commitment to provide services that are accessible and inclusive for everyone, supporting the wider vision of a digitally empowered India.

Vikas Bansal, Director of Payments and Financial Services at IN Payments, shared his views on the new service: “The sign-language video KYC service is a natural progression of Amazon Pay’s commitment to customer-centricity and financial inclusion. We have introduced this service as part of our barrier-free initiative, allowing our differently-abled customers to enjoy the benefits of video KYC easily and safely. It offers them the added convenience of a digital wallet for their daily payment needs. We strive to ensure our products and services are inclusive and accessible to everyone, irrespective of their abilities.”

To support this initiative, Amazon Pay has trained over 120 employees in Indian sign language to provide video-based KYC services across the country. The training module, designed by an in-house team, focuses on enabling employees to effectively communicate with customers who are hearing and speech impaired.

Deepti Varma, Vice President of People Experience and Technology at Amazon Stores India, Japan, and Emerging Markets, commented on the initiative, saying: “At Amazon, the ethos of inclusivity is embedded in all we do. We continuously work to reinforce our pledge to create an inclusive Amazon by fostering a diverse workforce, nurturing an inclusive culture, and delivering equity-focused services to our customers. We acknowledge the importance of enhancing the accessibility of Amazon services for individuals with disabilities, and our sign-language video KYC initiative is a testament to that. We aim to make thoughtful changes to assist people with disabilities and to create an inclusive experience at every touchpoint.”

A Nagpur resident, Rajendra Kumar, shared his positive experience with Amazon Pay’s video KYC service, highlighting how it made setting up his online payment wallets more convenient by eliminating the need for voice calls, which posed a significant challenge for him as a person with hearing impairment. He appreciated the ease of the sign language video KYC process for his Amazon Pay wallet.


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