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All the tentative shows teased by Netlfix for 2022 including The Witcher: Blood Origin

Netflix has still many new shows left to release this year. In this list you can see Don’t Look Up and also the second season of The Winter recently, the streaming service is looking forward to the 2022 lineup.

The company has currently dropped the slate for this category of the shows, and also films will arrive this year. There were also some of the latest confirmations. There is the live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s  The Sandman and The Witcher spinoff  Blood Origin, this show will debut on the streaming survives 2022.

Here is the list of the shows on Netflix for 2022:


 We will like to inform you that there are also such heavy hitters, there are also plenty of shows that are returning like Alice in Borderland’s season 2, Locke & Key (Season 3), The Umbrella Academy (season 3) along with many gaming adaptations, it is also containing The Cuphead Show, it is mainly a live-action Resident Evil series, here is also an animated Magic: The Gathering Show, and also Cyberpunk: Edgerunners that has been acclaimed the Studio  Trigger. It has been seen that the rounding up of the selection are just like contain some horror titles, it is also containing vampire hunting romance First Kill and The Midnight Club who is the creator of Mike Flanagan.

Army of the Dead (2021) - IMDb

We have a list but in this list, there are most of the shows that don’t have any release date, here is the full list of genre stories from yet, but here is the entire list of the category stories that will come on Netflix in  2022.

Here is the list of the shows:

1. Archive 81(14th  January)

2. In From the Cold(28th January)

3. Raising Dion (Season 2)(25th February)

4. Alice in Borderland (Season 2)(

5. All of Us Are Dead

6. Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas

7. The Cuphead Show

8.Cyberpunk: Edgerunnerrs

9. First Kill

10.Locke & Key(Season 3)

11. Magic: The Gathering

12. The Midnight Club

13. Resident Evil

14. The Sandman

15. Stranger Things(Season 4)

16. The Umbrella Academy (Season 3)

17. The Witcher: Blood origin.

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