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Top 5 must-watch anime series for beginners in India

Top 5 must-watch anime series for beginners in India: Otaku is a Japanese word that refers to people who love and have a keen interest in anime, manga or relevant video games. These Otakus live and breathe anime. India too has a great fan following when it comes to anime, and the craze here is real. Over the past two decades, many anime series have been translated into various Indian languages.

However, some Otakus prefer the original voiceovers in the Japanese language, with subtitles. So if you are a seasoned Otaku, you would have seen all these top anime shows and wouldn’t mind a rewatch. If you are a beginner, let us introduce you to the best shows, which are short series as well as multi-season long-running shows.

Top 5 must-watch anime series for beginners in India


You would have to be living in a cave if you haven’t heard of this famous anime series. This Japanese manga series is the story of Naruto Uzumaki, who hopes to become the Hokage or the head of his village. The story is in two parts, dividing his life into childhood years and teen years. The show has won Best Female Vocal Performance in an Anime Television Series and OVA in a Supporting Role for the BTVA Award in 2014. Currently, it is being distributed in India by KC Global Media via Animax on JioTV. Enjoy this one in original Japanese VO, with subtitles.

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Death Note

This psychological thriller about the life of Light Yagami, a high school student is thrilling yet amusing. The student discovers a book with mysterious powers that can kill anyone whose name is written on it. Light starts writing the names of hardened criminals on it eradicating wrong. This 37-episode show is a typical anime, and perfect for somebody who wants to begin watching anime. It is available on HULU.

One Punch Man

The show is currently streaming on Animax on JioTV in India with the original Japanese VO. This show won the Sugoi Japan Award as well as the Spanish Manga Barcelona Award in 2017. It is the story of Saitama, who can defeat any villain on the face of the earth with just one punch. With time gets weary of these easy wins and yearns for better adventures in life. He teams with his protégé Genos to target monsters and other worldly creatures. Doused with humour, the action comedy series is a treat to watch.


This is a 13-episode romantic comedy which follows the life of Hori and Miyamaru. The series streaming on Prime Video is about these two classmates who initially seemed people with different outlooks but later realised that the two have much more in common.  The rom-com anime series has slice-of-life stories and will be apt for those who are just beginning their anime love journey.

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LUPIN the 3rd

This historical anime show made its debut in 1967. It follows the life of Lupin III, grandson of thief Arsene Lupin and their gang. The show has had more than ten theatrical releases, and six tv series and currently Part 5 is exclusively available on JioTV in India. The criminal gang heads on with law enforcement forces as well as rival criminals and must finish the heist before either of them come to know of it. Full of adventure, and nostalgia factor, watch this one for old-time’s sake and know about how anime started.

Blood of Zeus

This is an American adult fantasy action series made in anime style. Earlier known as Gods & Heroes, it chronicles the life of the illegitimate son of Zeus. The young man has a herculean task to save heaven and earth from the impact of venge of goddesses and their monstrous forces. Streaming on Netflix, watch the epic unfold.

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