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2024 Honda Amaze: Speculations on New Generation Launch in India

Following the implementation of the BS6 Phase II emission standards, Honda Cars India now boasts three vehicles in their lineup. Honda Amaze sedan is positioned as the entry point to Honda’s crafted lineup of cars with its size designed to lead the way in the future of India’s automotive industry. A new model is expected to be released during the season.

2024 Honda Amaze

The Upcoming 2024 Honda Amaze

Following the success of the Elevate SUV in both global markets Honda Cars India offers a range that includes the Amaze sedan, the City C segment sedan, and the Elevate C segment SUV. The Amaze plays a role as a Honda family car in India.

The recent launch of the Elevate SUV has boosted Honda’s presence in India. However, there is potential for impact by introducing a more affordable and compact vehicle which is where the upcoming third-generation Honda Amaze sedan comes into play. Rumors suggest that Honda is preparing to introduce a version of the Amaze this year. Being under 4 meters in length qualifies the Amaze for tax benefits from the government resulting in pricing and profitability that will likely appeal to cost-conscious Indian car shoppers.

image 2 52 jpg 2024 Honda Amaze: Speculations on New Generation Launch in India

Allegedly the upcoming third generation of the Honda Amaze is said to be shifting from its existing platform to a revised edition of the City platform with a smaller wheelbase. This shift might assist Honda in consolidating its range on a platform potentially leading to cost savings and improved production scale. Similarly, shared components with the City sedan and Elevate SUV could be leveraged to enhance efficiency.

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Anticipated design changes include borrowing design cues from the current Accord or Civic models available globally, with a penchant for coupe-style sloping rooflines evident in recent Honda designs. Interior enhancements may include a larger standalone touchscreen and modern touches, although extravagant features like a sunroof fully digital instrument cluster, or ADAS may not be prioritized to align with Honda’s philosophy of functionality over excessive gadgetry.

image 2 53 jpg 2024 Honda Amaze: Speculations on New Generation Launch in India

Powertrain-wise, the current 1.2L 4-cylinder petrol engine paired with a 5-speed MT and CVT transmission is expected to remain the sole offering, boasting smooth performance, fuel efficiency, and adequate power output. The launch of the new generation Amaze is anticipated around the festive season, accompanied by a potential price increase.


  1. <strong>When is the expected launch date for the new generation Honda Amaze in India?</strong>

    Honda is speculated to unveil the new generation Amaze around the festive season of 2024.


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