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Gotham Knights’ new Gameplay trailer focus on Nightwing and Red Hood 

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Gotham Knights bring some good news for the DC fans. In August 2020, the fans got an official gameplay trailer based on Batgirl and Robin for DC  FanDome. After that, Gotham Knights unveiled a fantastic story trailer that beautifully exposed the group of antagonists, the Court of Owls, but still maintains the silence thereafter.

Yesterday, the official trailer revealed some sort of details exposed for the characters like Nightwing and Red Hood. The two of those characters have not had got any of such explicit gameplay shown before, now it just teased the fan’s excitement for the game. 

Gotham Knights' new gameplay trailer features Nightwing and Red Hood |

The official gameplay trailer focused on Nightwing and Red Hood. The director of Gotham Knights game version, Geoff Ellenor reveals at WB Gamed Montreal, and also walks towards the fan’s hero’s co-op and as single-player gameplay.


It depicts the combat of Nightwing in particular in a more acrobatic and gymnastic manner while there is Red Hood’s battle that blends safe gunshots along with brawler attacks and also a sticky bomb. The upcoming demonstration unlike the Batgirl ad Robin presentation already features a more depth look at the gameplay and shares a short glimpse of Gotham Knight’s UI HUD, that Ellenor the customizable states in favor of the players.

Batman: Gotham Knights Trailer Reveals First Look at Batgirl, Nightwing, Red  Hood and Robin

Nightwing acquires a unique mode of traversal in Gotham Knight’s open-world that is a hang glider entitled the Flying Trapeze. The trailer indicated Red Hood holds a “mystical leap “get as a supernatural power after the resurrection by “An assault cult.” 

In this the traversal using ‘Soul Energy’ of Red Hood that offers him a real and unique interpretation in Gotham Knights that sets him apart from much of the other playable protagonists. As the trailer continues, we have understood that the Bat-Cycle become ubiquitous and the gameplay of it is revealed as Red Hood follows an ice cream truck. 

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Stealth represents an available mechanic exploring the main mission belonging to Gotham Knights.  Nightwing also possesses the ability of elemental shockwave to interrupt foe armored ambush ad deal with the elemental status effects. 

Gotham Knights - Xbox Wire

ARV or Augmented Reality Vision just allows the players to scan the whole environment to increase their interest in the players. 

Last, but not least, there is a mini-boss combat has shown where Red Hood comes across a Talon Gladiator who seems to conceive multiple unlockable attacks, blocks with a shield, and powerful swings that spiked the club in these leaping attacks. The Talon Gladiator holds the ability to recover itself, and get ready for the second wind, which seems like a second phase to each Talon Gladiator mini-boss that players go through. 

Red Hood shoots a sticky bomb that has been planted on the Talon Gladiator and conquers it. 

Join Nightwing and Red Hood in a new gameplay trailer for Gotham Knights -  The AU Review

Gotham Knights (Game): Release Date

The franchise confirms that the Gotham Knights game will release on 25th October 2022. The game has scheduled to release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. 

Here is the trailer: 

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