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“Hold Tight”: Adam’s Mother Become Desperate to find out the reason for the Disappearance of her son

“Hold Tight”: Adam’s Mother Become Desperate to find out the reason for the Disappearance of her son

Netflix reveals the trailer of another thriller series based on Harlen Coben’s adaptation titled, ‘Hold Tight’, it will be dropped later this month. After the official announcement of Netflix that the series belongs to Harlen Coben, we have understood what amount of twists, turns, huge shocking events, and the series will stick your eye on the screen.

Hold Tight, the story is a thriller series from a 2008 novel that unveils the dealings with obstacles of parental controls, teenage suicide, child independence, and drug abuse. The tale starts with a  mysterious disappearance.

Watch: 'Hold Tight' trailer brings Harlan Coben novel to life - UPI.com


Hold Tight: Plot

Among all the  Harlen Coben thrillers, this has been followed by a huge amount of people with secrets. The story of this polish thriller is about a young boy who has been missing  and his mother is hunting for the answers desperately of his disappearance, as the trailer shows, “We all have our own little secrets right?” As the book follows the story is about residents of a peaceful and wealthy neighborhood in the suburbs of Warsaw, the people there leading an idyllic life. 

Hold Tight' trailer: new Harlan Coben series gets release date on Netflix -  Paudal

All the questions arise when the young teen Adam vanishes into the air. Everyone becomes shocked and tries to find out the reason for what is actually happening there.

The teenager becomes vanished just after the death of his friend, living in a tight-knit, Warsaw reveals slowly the secrets and the lies. The twist comes upside down and also there are to save their son, parents are trying for taking the matters into their hands.

Hold Tight: Trailer

The trailer opens with a  young teen wearing a cap and walking along the road, a couple doing romance with a  flower bouquet in hand, a little girl set out from her home, and after that, it shows a photo frame of a nuclear family.

The lady sitting with a young teen named Adam like relaxing him that she is here for him and he can tell him everything, it shows a terrible accident, where a man’s face is covered with blood lying on the road and an officer trying to identify it. After that the trailer continues with a sound of an ambulance and disappointment, the lady has seen to come into a place and call Adam as he has been missing.

Harlan Coben's new Netflix series 'Hold Tight' gets a gripping trailer

Adam is always involved in something as a  man reveals all have our own secrets. The lady understood that they all are hiding something from her, and suddenly the trailer reveals a black car picking up a man forcefully. As the lady is his mother he just wants to see her son is alive.

While others says her to handle the situation with the police, then the lady reveals there are no police to help her. The mother becomes desperate to find the answer to the vanishing of her son, and he starts to chase all the suspect and promise to herself to protect him.

Hold Tight: Cast

The show stars Grzego Damiecki who was also seen in the previous  Harlen Coben thriller, The Woods.

Trailer for 'Hold Tight', Netflix's new series based on the Harlan Coben  source material

Hold Tight: Release Date

This Harlen Coben Netflix thriller will hit on 22nd April 2022.

Here is the trailer:

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