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An overclocker pushed Intel’s Pentium Gold G7400T Alder Lake CPU to an amazing 5.8 GHz

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Hi cookie, a professional overclocker, increased the frequency of one of Intel’s cheapest Alder Lake-based CPUs, the Pentium Gold G7400T, from 3.1 GHz to 5.8 GHz by changing its base clock (BCLK). He has one of the fastest dual-core CPUs ever made by running a current dual-core processor at such a high frequency.

Intel’s Pentium processors are designed for low-cost computers that aren’t meant to be overclocked, which is ironic because the cheapest systems are likely to profit the most from overclocking (as expensive CPUs are fast by default).

Intel’s latest overclockable Pentium CPU was the Haswell-based Pentium Processor Anniversary Edition (model G3258) with an unlocked multiplier, which was released in 2014 for $72. With the return of BCLK overclocking with Intel’s Alder Lake, however, any CPU in this family may now be overclocked, opening up a world of possibilities for those looking for better performance at a lesser cost. The Pentium Gold G7400T, as one of the cheapest ADL-S processors available, is a perfect option for putting one’s overclocking abilities and luck to the test.


The Intel Pentium G7400T is a straightforward dual-core CPU with a base frequency of 3.10 GHz, a 2.5MB L2 cache, and a 6MB L3 cache. It may be utilized inside PCs with passive fanless cooling because it is a T-series chip with a TDP of under 35W. If you wish to overclock, though, you’ll need a more advanced cooling system because the CPU will heat up.

It’s worth noting that 5.8 GHz isn’t the fastest clock rate ever attained by a dual-core CPU, but this isn’t about setting records. Furthermore, Intel’s Pentium G7400T beats all other dual-core CPUs at 5.8 GHz, owing to its microarchitectural advantages over previous-generation dual-core processors. This is the fastest dual-core CPU in Geekbench 3.4.4, HWbot X265 Benchmark 4K, HWbot X265 Benchmark 1080p, and Y-Cruncher-Pi-1B, according to Hicookie’s submissions to several databases (and gathered by

Hicookie utilized liquid nitrogen cooling to overclock his Pentium G7400T to 5808 MHz by increasing the BCLK to 187 MHz (or 87 percent), pushing the voltage to 1.656V (which is quite high for a 10nm CPU), and increasing the BCLK to 187 MHz (or 87 percent).

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The test was carried out on Gigabyte’s pricey Aorus Z690 Tachyon motherboard, which is an unusual match for such a low-cost CPU. Nonetheless, because the goal of the experiment was to determine the overclocking capabilities of Intel’s Pentium G7400T (rather than to create an entry-level system with overclocking in mind), this decision was appropriate. The G7400ability T’s to overclock without liquid nitrogen is yet to be determined.

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