Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Player’s get an unexpected bonus in the form of an unreleased Fuse skin in Apex Legends

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An Apex Legends player appears to have struck gold after stowing an unreleased Legendary Fuse skin in the game. The pack’s announcement has gone viral in the game’s Reddit community. This appears to be consistent with other reports of fans discovering unreleased skins for Legends such as Lifeline, Ash, and others.

However, the joy of discovering the unreleased cosmetics may be short-lived, as it has been reported that Respawn Entertainment has been returning these cosmetics without providing a refund for the pack.

A recent Reddit post on r/apexlegends appears to have piqued the interest of the game’s large community. The post includes an Apex pack containing an unreleased Legendary Fuse Skin.

The appearance of the character is strikingly similar to Kurt Russell’s character Ego in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Since the game’s release earlier this year, players have been comparing the appearance of the main character to that of the American actor.

Furthermore, some players in the comments have compared the cosmetic to Greek and Norse Gods such as Zeus and Odin, respectively. The skin’s design has received so much praise that players have already dubbed it one of the character’s best cosmetics.

While the player who packed it must be overjoyed to have the item on their account, Respawn Entertainment may cut short the celebrations soon by revoking the skin.

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A lot of information about future Apex Legends collections has leaked in the last few days. This includes the Dark Depths collection, which includes skins for Bangalore, Loba, and a variety of other characters.

Some players unpacked these skins after Respawn Entertainment developers accidentally added them to the loot pool. After these skins became public via forums such as Reddit, the developers removed them with no compensation given to the players.

Members of the Apex Legends community shared these incidents in the Fuse post, noting that the Fuse owner might face a similar situation. Players, on the other hand, are adamant that they want some sort of compensation from the developer because they lost the contents of a major pack, which cost them money.

It remains to be seen how Apex Legends’ developers will respond to the ongoing issue of unreleased skins being made available to players via packs. But, before that happens, players are likely to see some of these cosmetics in action.


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