Monday, January 24, 2022

NVIDIA’s CMP 170HX GPU is a $5000 card capable of playing any AAA game in the market with ease

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Linus Tech Tips just posted a new video on their YouTube channel highlighting the NVIDIA CMP 170HX card with GA100 GPU. The company’s new $5000 card is incapable of playing any of the brand new AAA games on the market. It is incapable of playing games at all.

NVIDIA’s new graphics card is headless and has a huge copper heatsink wrapped by a massive aluminum shroud. The new first-party CMP 170HX card with GA100 GPU was designed specifically for crypto mining.

The new crypto mining GPU has no fans and must be cooled through the server chassis. The GA100-105F GPU is onboard, which is generally found in NVIDIA A100 SXM or PCIe accelerators for data centers. However, the GPU is underutilized in comparison to its primary applications.

Finding hardware pictures on the Internet is difficult due to the card’s restricted supply due to its price and purpose. Linus Tech Tips, on the other hand, realized that some form of source material on the subject was required. The researchers decided to disassemble the card and see what makes it tick.

The NVIDIA CMP 170HX card includes a heat spreader that covers the full interposer section—a heat spreader that is far larger than most other cards on the market for much less. Linus discovers that there are no specific recognized drivers or software that detects the card upon installation after doing some research on it.

The resale value of this card is not very high considering it does not work with anything other than mining. As an example, despite listing CUDA capability, it is not even capable of rendering with CUDA kernel in Blender. Furthermore, any gaming API support has been removed, so no Vulkan or DirectX API support for potential cloud or virtual machine gaming either.

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The NVIDIA CMP 170HX GA100 GPU is equipped with 4480 CUDA cores and 8GB of HBM2e memory. Because the card does not require an incredibly huge memory buffer, it is the ideal answer for crypto mining “because the current DAG file for Ethereum mining is still around 5GB.”

The NVIDIA CMP 170HX GA100 GPU has a limited number of tuning options available to it. Crypto fans who use this card may alter the power limit, increasing power efficiency from 250W to 200W while maintaining the same hash rate, which is 165 MH/s for the Ethereum coin.


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