Monday, December 6, 2021

Halo Infinite’s new trailer gives us a dramatic look at the Banished leader Escharum

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Halo Infinite has dropped a new trailer and this time we get to look at the campaign’s main antagonist, Banished leader Escharum. The sinister Brute was first revealed during a Halo Infinite trailer at an Xbox Games Showcase in 2020, and he was seen snarled challenges at series protagonist Master Chief and boasted his imminent victory on Zeta Halo.

In the new game, we see the Master Chief awakened once again to take on the Banished, which is a splinter group of mercenaries that arose from the remains of the Covenant and made its first appearance in Halo Wars 2.

“The Banished Rise” trailer shows us another up-close-and-personal monologue by Escharum and plays the iconic “Hope” campaign from Halo 3’s pre-release days. The scarred Banished warrior waxes poetic about how humanity hopes that a hero will rise […] shrouded in armor to save you.”

in the trailer, human scientists are shown to engineer a new suit of Mjolnir armor for Master Chief, and this new suit seems like an answer to Escharum’s challenge. The villain finally ends the trailer by declaring humanity is only building its own “tomb, a place where hope dies.”

Escharum and the Banished won’t be the only threats Master Chief has to deal with as we have seen many other threats in the previous trailer. The campaign overview trailer also detailed Master Chief’s search for the truth about his old AI companion Cortana who reappeared as an enemy in Halo 5: Guardians.

Halo Infinite’s Escharum looks to be imposing and the game looks promising from the trailers. After many delays, Halo Infinite will finally be here soon and we will once again see Master Chief reporting for duty come December.

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