Monday, December 6, 2021

Apex Legends: Escape drops a new gameplay trailer

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Apex Legends: Escape update has dropped a new gameplay trailer that showcases the new map of Storm Point, the new playable character Ash, and a new weapon in the form of the C.A.R SMG.

This new update to the game brings a new battle pass for players as this release marks the start of a new season to the popular battle royale. Storm Point is a large distinct addition to the pre-existing map pool present in Apex Legends.

The island brings lovely coastal beaches around its perimeter and large rocky outcroppings cover the majority of the island. The large natural formations surround small man-made buildings as well as small outposts, and there is also much dangerous local wildlife that will attack players when they get close.

We also get to see Ash, a character who has been featured heavily in the arena game mode since season 9. she was an antagonist from the previous first-person shooter from Respawn Entertainment: Titanfall 2.

She’s been poised as an antagonistic figure for a while now, and judging by her ominous voice-over on the new gameplay trailer it’s clear she’s not done causing trouble yet.

Ash’s abilities were shown briefly in the trailer and she has a unique throwable tether that attaches to the surface and binds enemy players caught in its proximity.

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In the trailer, we can see Ash reflecting on Gibraltar’s ultimate ability with her sword. And finally, the gameplay trailer shows us a brief glimpse at the new C.A.R SMG.

The new weapon is also able to use both light and heavy ammunition, making the new weapon a versatile weapon to take with you to gunfights.

There is an animation for swapping between ammo types with the C.A.R, so it looks as though players will have to be careful not to be caught swapping between different rounds.

Watch the trailer below:


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