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40 Creative Writing Assignment Ideas for Physics Students and Others

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It is a known fact that physics is an exact science that still requires a solid creative approach. Writing tasks on this subject is a great indicator of students’ critical thinking, creativity, and analytical skills. Sometimes it is challenging for learners to express their thoughts, especially when they have an aptitude to exact sciences. That’s why students look for physics homework helper or assistance on other subjects.

Some students of physics faculty can’t reveal their viewpoints in text, and others want to improve their writing style and delivery. In our outline, you can choose among physics and other subjects topics that will help you to unleash your creativity. It doesn’t matter whether you are a high-school student or college undergraduate, these 40 ideas on creative writing will inspire you most.

Physics Creative Writing Assignment Ideas


1. What physical phenomenon best represents you and why?

2. Describe time and space integration if there is a 5-dimension world?

3. Imagine that light doesn’t exist on Earth, what would our living be?

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4. Choose a color and describe its qualities as if it would be an alive character. What would it do? How would it behave? What would it feel towards the various situation?

5. Describe your favorite smell. Imagine that it is alive: what would you do with yourself if it was your best friend?

6. Explain how does the photo printing process go?

7. Imagine you have an option to travel in space or time, what would you choose? Why?

8. What person had the most significant impact on physics science, in your opinion? Why?

9. Why does time pass quickly or slowly? From which factors does it depend?

10. Explain the love phenomenon with electromagnetism theory.

Reflection Paper Creative Ideas

1. Imagine you have one food to eat for a day, what would it be?

2. How can you describe your perfect day when you will be in your 80s?

3. What’s the place in the world you would visit right now? Why?

4. What would you change in the world if you could live forever?

5. How would life change if there is no internet now?

6. What social media would you create?

7. If you write a book, which genre would you choose?

8. Imagine you can write a letter to any person you want, who would it be? What would you write there?

9. If you have an extra hour in a day, how would you spend it?

10. Write about the worst family holiday you’ve ever had from the angle of a pet that lived with you. If you hadn’t any pets, imagine they would go with you.

Psychological Creative Writing Assignment Prompts

1. Why is it important to overcome stress in daily life?

2. What natural phenomenon best represents you? Why?

3. Imagine if one of your dreams could come true, which would you select?

4. Create a metaphor that represents you in the best way for the person who meets you for the first time.

5. What five qualities would you refuse to have personally? Are they physical or mental? Why?

6. What point of your life had changed the most? How does it affect your current position in life?

7. Which situations make you feel closest to yourself? When do you know you meet real you?

General Creative Writing Prompts

1. What would you choose: being invisible or teleport in time?

2. What is the thing from your daily life you can’t live without? Why?

3. If you have an opportunity to meet with your ancestors or descendants, who would you choose and why?

4. If you could invent a brand new subject in school, what would it be?

5. Imagine you are a teacher and choose to teach only one book in school, what would it be and why?

6. What does meme culture means to you? Support your viewpoint with evidence, whether it is positive or negative.

7. What is your favorite fashion decade?

8. Who is the most meaningful historical person in your opinion? Explain your viewpoint.

9. What holiday would you create if you would have this opportunity? What traditions would you implement? What decorations should be on it? What costumes should people wear?

10. If you know that your business will bring you an income of one million dollars per month, what industry would you choose to work in?

11. What’s the difference between living in the countryside or a city? Where would you choose to live?

12. Have you ever invented a word? What does it mean?

13. Represent examples of ridiculous postal stamps worldwide. Provide research thoroughly.

Use one of these prompts to boost your inspiration. Don’t give up if writing is still tough for you because by developing your creativity, you can manage any complex assignment for your class effortlessly!

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Rahul Roy
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