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Intel’s disassembled NUC 11 Extreme PC looks dope but has heat issues

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Intel’s flagship NUC 11 Extreme PC is truly a beast and the recent information revealed after the MNPCTech disassembled gives us a clear idea as to what intel has added to its machine. The device is the fastest SFF PC within an 8L footprint and its design is nothing short of impressive.

As we have mentioned before the Intel NUC 11 Extreme ‘Beast Canyon’ SFF PC has an 8L chassis and looks almost like a rectangle with huge mesh plates. The front has a large plate where the Intel ‘SKULL’ logo is showcased with RGB LEDs. Behind we have the traditional I/O and power inlet sockets that come from the embedded PSU. The power supply itself is an FSP build ‘FSP650-57SAB-A SFF’ ITX 650W power supply.


however, the fact that the NUC has a small 8L chassis means that it has a lower cooling potential than a gaming PC configured with an M-ATX or standard ATX chassis. And as a result, the extra heat generated will affect the performance of the hardware and throttle it down to lower clocks. This is one of the major bad sides which intel needs to reflect on.

Intel has offered quite a several ports on the NUC 11 Extreme that include:

  • 3 x 4K displays (Intel HUD Graphics)
  • 1 x HDMI 2.0b connector
  • 2 x Thunderbolt 4 ports
  • 1 x Intel 2.5Gb (1225-LM) and/or 10 Gb Ethernet ports (SKU specific)
  • 6 x USB 3.1 Headers, 2 x USB 2.0 Headers

Intel 10nm Tiger Lake B-Series 11th Gen Desktop CPUs:

CPU NameCPU FamilyCores / ThreadsBase ClockBoost Clock (1-Core)Boost Clock (All-Core)CacheGraphicsTDP (PL1)TDP (PL2)Price
Core i9-11900KB10nm Tiger Lake8 / 163.30 GHz4.90 GHz (TB 3.0)
5.30 GHz (Velocity)
TBC24 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)65WTBCTBC
Core i9-11900K(F)14nm Rocket Lake8 / 163.50 GHz5.30 GHz4.80 GHz16 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)125W251W$539 US (K)
$513 US (KF)
Core i7-11700B10nm Tiger Lake8 / 163.20 GHz4.80 GHz (TB 3.0)
5.30 GHz (Velocity)
TBC24 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)65WTBCTBC
Core i7-11700K(F)14nm Rocket Lake8 / 163.60 GHz5.00 GHz4.60 GHz16 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)125W251W$399 US (K)
$374 US (F)
Core i5-11500B10nm Tiger Lake6 /123.30 GHz4.60 GHz (TB 3.0)
5.30 GHz (Velocity)
TBC12 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)65WTBCTBC
Core i5-1150014nm Rocket Lake6 /122.70 GHz4.60 GHz4.20 GHz12 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)65W154W$192 US
Core i3-11100B10nm Tiger Lake4/83.60 GHz4.40 GHz (TB 3.0)
5.30 GHz (Velocity)
TBC12 MBIntel Xe 16 EU (128 Cores)65WTBCTBC


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Nivedita Bangari
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