Friday, December 3, 2021

Apple and Intel go for TSMC’s 3 nm process for the 2022 batch

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Intel and Apple are both all set to be among the first adopters of the new technology developed by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

The next generation technology by TSMC will enable the large scale chip manufacturers to produce 3 nm chips which are wanted by both Intel and Apple. While Apple wants these chips for implementations in their iPads while Intel is hunting for the technology for their datacenters and notebooks.

The new next generation 3 nm chip will yield 10% to 15% better performance when compared to the 5 nm chips and are reportedly 25% to 30% more efficient than the previous.

As of now TSMC plans to supply Intel more chips than Apple, with this technology there is a possibility that Intel might beat AMD to it and become the first ever 3nm chip processor manufacturer.

However, An Apple M2 based on the A15 with 3nm process and architecture will be very difficult to compete with for Intel and AMD.

TSMC also has recently announced a $100 billion USD investment plan for expansion of their chip manufacturing facility in view of the current global processing chip shortage which has begun to affect many industries specifically the automotive industry also with ever growing demand this expansion was considered necessary. Reportedly Intel is also investing $7 billion USD into it’s manufacturing plant Leixlip.

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Moreover, many national governments are taking initiatives for developments of projects where semiconductor production will be done, this initiative was taken by several governments due to the recent global shortage and in order to maintain their upper hand in world politics. Both the European Union and United States government are looking to invest into semiconductor industries.

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