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The List of all the upcoming movies on Amazon Prime Video in June 2021

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Amazon Prime Video is ready to gear up to launch some summer-filled blockbuster movies; it will provide a kick-off with their incredible June lineup. In the coming days, Amazon Prime Video will also fill its library with many original releases and shows.

This June, Amazon Prime Video will release all categories of the film, whether it is a thriller, rom-com, action, or horror.  This month, Amazon Prime Video’s bag will be filled with some original releases like 50/50, Adaptation, Fight Club, and Seven Pounds. 

Here is a list of the top films that will release in June 2021:



Release Date: 1st June

It depicts a man named Adam Lerner who has always take good care of his health but suddenly he is diagnosed with tumors in his spine and now the doctor also tells him that he has a 50/50 chance of survival but he is trying to stay upbeat.

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Release Date: 1st June

It tells about Nicolas Cage who is also a Charlie Kaufman, e is a confused L.A. screenwriter who has been overwhelmed by his feelings of inadequacy, sexual frustration, and also self-loathing.


Release Date: 1st June

This film is based on the story of the great boxer Muhammad Ali who is an athletic genius with inner grace. The man has changed the entire landscape of Fighting of all comers. He also has taken the law conventions, the status quo, and also the fight.


Release Date: 1st June

The film is based on a rapidly spreading infection that left only one survivor in the whole city.

17.An American Werewolf in London

Release Date: 1st June

This film is based on the wolf attacks. Two college students David and Jack when backpacking through England when a giant wolf attacks them, David has survived with the bite but it killed Jack.

16.Burn After Reading

Release Date: 1st June

It revolves around a disk which is contained strange information from a CIA agent which has been ended up with the two gym employees who want to make more money from it.


Release Date: 1st June

It depicts a story of a girl in Bogota who has witnessed the murder of her parents by terrible crime lord Don Luis and henchman Marco. After fifteen years the full-grown girl named Colombian is a very cold-minded assassin.

14.Dear John

Release Date: 1st June

It is about John Tyree who met with an idealistic college student named Savanna Curtis. After the meeting, the romance between them had started.

13.Fight Club

Release Date: 1st June

It is based on a depressed man who is also suffering from insomnia meets with a soap salesman named Tyler Durden and found himself in his squalid house after his apartment become destroyed.

12.I Spy

Release Date: 1st June

It is a story of a professional athlete who has to help a U.S. government agent to recover the missing jet.

11.Seven Pounds

Release Date: 1st June

The story of a man named Ben Thomas who is a man on a mission. He donates the important part of his body to a desperately need a donor. He has met with a girl suffering from a deadly heart condition named Emily Posa. He falls for her and started to open up to her.


Release Date: 1st June

It depicts the story of a shy and lonely man. In the entire city, he has no friends or mates. One day he has met with a girl and makes a connection with her another way with signs.

9.Spring Breakers

Release Date: 1st June

It depicts the story of some college students who have teamed up for a beer, some silly contests, and also friendship with the girls in Fort Lauderdale at Fla.

8.Take Shelter

Release Date: 1st June

It is also a good film that shows the struggle of a young husband and father to shelter their families after hit by a coming storm.

7.The Wrestler

Release Date: 1st June

It is a story of an aged wrestler who should retire but he has found his quest for a new beginning outside the ring of a dispiriting struggle.

6.We Own the Night

Release Date: 1st June

It depicts the story of a manager in a New York City nightclub who is trying to save his brother and father from the Russian mafia man.


Release Date: 11th June

It is a story of a woodworker named Geppeto who wishes to a falling star that the puppet that he just Pinocchio become a real boy. After the wish that night the blue fairy was granted the wish.

4.Testament of Youth

Release Date: 1st June

It revolves around a young English man named Vera Britain who has postponed her study at Oxford University just to serve as a nurse in London and abroad during the first World War.

3.This Means War

Release Date: 1st June

It revolves around a CIA operative’s wage of a tremendous fight with each other after knowing that they are dating the same woman.

2.Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection

Release Date: 1st June

This film is about a Wall Street investment banker who becomes the linchpin of his company. The Ponzi scheme has been relocated with his entire family to the Southern home of his aunt Madea.

1.American Experience: Stonewall Uprising

Release Date: 1st June

It depicts the event that leading up to the defining moment of the setup of the gay rights movement in the United States. It was the time when homosexuality only just not illegal but it also considered a mental illness

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