Lack of 5G device purchase has Foxconn worried about its networking and computing division

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Foxconn Technology Group’s latest operating income and results which the company released recently calls for concerns among global technology investors. The current operating margin of one of the world’s most diverse and largest technology manufacturers stood at 2.05% which is below the level which the company is tracking recently.

The company not only assembles and manufactures iPhones but also supplies completed or partially assembled components for games consoles, computers, notebooks, servers, electric vehicles, and communications networks. Although the company reported that its revenue is indeed climbing compared to last year, however, it also predicted that there will be significant declines in networking and computing products. This calls for major concern for other industries as well.

Telecommunication equipment includes the kinds of servers that sit in data centers storing and delivering streaming movies, web conferences, and e-commerce websites. Aided by the work-from-home trend that was accelerated by the pandemic, the demand for faster and more portable internet connections, which means 5G, is increasing more rapidly.

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However, the global smartphone market has been performing worse every month. Shipments dropped 5.9% in 2020, and are likely to climb a mere 5.5% this year, according to research reports. The major reason for this is that the current 5G handsets have failed to impress. Every major name has now come to market with a flagship device — Apple being one of the last with its iPhone 12 unveiled in October.

But, customers don’t care as to how much 5 G-enabled devices roll out in the market. the fact that their devices support 5G is utter mental when their own country is yet to release the 5G spectrum for them to utilize. Take, for example, India, the world’s largest smartphone market, and the country doesn’t have a spec of 5G network available for its citizens.

Network operators and device makers are hoping that the customers will choose a faster, data-hungry handset. Network vendors and server makers also believe that more powerful smartphones lead to greater consumption of video and higher e-commerce turnover.

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