“Amend: The Fight for America”- All We Know So Far

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There is an incredible series named Amend: The Fight for America. If you don’t know about the 14th Amendent then you just take some time to watch this series. It is mainly a six-part web series spanning six hours. It is created by Robe Imbriano and Tom Yellin. The directors are Kenny Leon and Reinaldo Marcus Green, and this series is hosted by Will Smith.

The series also attracts viewers via the importance of the 14th Amendent. This series reveals the rights of the citizens under the equal protection of the law. It exposes the disadvantages of the law and how it affects everything whether it is from black folks and voting rights of the woman to abortion and also the gay marriage. In all of the six episodes, the series shows the historic court rulings which are engendered by the law.

If you watch this series carefully then you will understand that it is a serious-minded show. The presence of Will Smith, a few little-known facts, and also the incredible episodes take this series to a level of importance of existing of the 14th Amendent.

'Amend: The Fight for America': TV Review - Hollywood Reporter
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In the chronology of the 14th Amendent, “Amend” uses three kinds of approaches. In which the first one is in the form of the talking heads such as Equal Justice Initiative founder Bryan Stevenson and also the executive producer of the program Larry Wilmore giving insights to the present day of the event.

It is still not clear who is the viewers of this series. The audience who are fighting for civil liberties or disregard institutional inequities. Episode one has ended with a plea for reconciliation, it seems that the series that just want to amend the good people on each side. In episode three it has seen that the civil rights focused on the “Wait” covers leader of gay Bayard Rustin, the fourth episode reveals “Control” finds the women rights activist Pauli Murray who is advocated against sexism. The sixth one is based on “Promise” the struggle of Chinese-American Wong Kim Ark to get citizenship in 1897.

Amend: The Fight for America Educates Netflix Audiences on 14th Amendment |  TV/Streaming | Roger Ebert

Will Smith, the most famous actor with the appeal of Middle America. He is featuring in the upcoming Marcus Green-directed biography picture “King Richard”, there is no doubt that he is the perfect choice for the host of the docuseries. In episode three he exposed why asking black people to wait for equal rights is very unfair for the systemic change. Smith’s outstanding speaking skill and inherent charm allow him to transmit the message to the audience through they were the third graders.

Larry Wilmore on Netflix's 'Amend' with Will Smith, Mahershala Ali
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In this series, the most strong episode is “Love”. It is as the victories in the middle of the gay rights movement have occurred recently. It has seen for the first time that a subject can nearly bring tears while John Hopkins History professor Martha Jones known as the product of interracial marriage, reveals the importance of Loving v. Virginia for her family. It is known that AI Gerhardstein has tried Obergefell v. Hodges before the guidance of the Supreme Court and also through the other courts that served as the precedent for accepting the historic legalization of gay marriage. Jim Obergefell also has revealed the program with some tearful moments after his recall of how his husband has battled ALS.

Amend: The Fight for America Educates Netflix Audiences on 14th Amendment |  TV/Streaming | Roger Ebert

It has been seen in the other episodes that the staid series face struggles to replicate those times with Jones and Obergefell, and also with the awareness of Black Lives Matter and the sixth DACA-themed episode hit the key point at the only glance of their tearful core. It is also the stories within “Love”, and the beauti8ful way that the showrunners have to generate the warmth of its current history, it is expected that the series will attract more attention of the viewers in near future.

Here is the trailer:

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