Finally, it’s possible to customize the RAM and Storage of a Mac

Apple is known for being truly committed to closed-source hardware and software and as such doesn’t allow anyone to replace or customize its hardware products. As such, it is nearly impossible to replace RAM on our Macs. However, some technicians in the country of China have reported successfully upgrading their Mac’s RAM.

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According to the latest sources, technicians in Guangzhou, China have made it possible to upgrade the RAM and storage of Apple’s M1 Mac. Reports are flooding in, stating that the new silicon from Apple, sits well with other customized internal components.

There always had been a debate as to whether one can upgrade the components of a Mac, however, many have tried to upgrade the device only to fail in the end. The news was circulating on Chinese social media throughout the weekend. According to reports, the technicians managed to replace the RAM and SSD chips from the M1 Mac with a larger capacity module.

According to the released photos, the MacBook Air with 8GB of RAM was upgraded to 16GB of RAM with storage bumping from 256GB to 1TB. It was also reported that the macOS showed the correct information which means that the new modules are compatible with the software and hardware.

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Apple sell’s its Macs with the RAM and memory chips soldered to the motherboard, which means that it is more challenging than a standard swapping procedure. The chances of failing are quite high, and any customization attempt means that the warranty is also breached, so you can’t take your device back to Apple.

The fact that we can safely replace and upgrade the component of the Mac is a pretty huge discovery and might open doors for more future possibilities.



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