Enticing LUDO Games to watch out for in 2021

If you were born in the 90s, you would remember playing Ludo with your friends and family. It was the time when Ludo brought friends and family together.

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Now in 2021, when nobody has time to sit together and talk for five minutes, companies are coming up with online versions of these board games. A lot of different versions of Ludo can be seen on Play Store and IOS.

During the lockdown, Ludo became the most popular game amongst the people. People prefered playing ludo with their friends on phones rather than the physical ones. Thanks to the companies who added features through which, unlike basic ludo, six or more people can play at a time. With the rise in the popularity of Ludo, now companies are adding more new features to their game to make it more interesting than the basic ludo.

If you are confused about the best Ludo game to play in 2021, don’t worry! Here I have mentioned the top 5 ludo games for Android and IOS.

1. Ludo Emperor – Android

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Ludo Emperor is the first of its kind Ludo board game with Unique & Lively Ludo Boards, Fastest Gameplay, Leaderboards and Grand Rewards.  It has taken the classic ludo game to an incredible level. The game is getting launched in the first week of April, and nearly 1 Million users have already pre-registered for the game.  

2. Ludo Party – Android

The most interesting feature of the Ludo party is its 3D model that will especially interest the children. The game is fun and anyone can kill anyone without any difficulty. Everyone in the game is at risk and there are no safe points. The graphics of the game are phenomenal. The game is a little slow because of its 3D model. If you have kids at home, you should definitely download and try it.

3. Super Ludo -iOS

Super Ludo LIVE is an innovation and a mood changer in the world of online gaming.  This game is full of creative and unique surprises and elements. Its key features are a fast and unique board, live chat, live challenges, 3D display and PC play. The game is not available for Android users anymore.

4. Ludo 3D Multiplayer – Android

This unique and interesting game is launched by FunGamesMobile. It takes the classic ludo game to another level. The game is made vivid by the company with the entry of cute animals. You can play this game alone or with friends over the internet.

5. Ludo All Star – Android

Ludo All Star is the popular Ludo game app in India. It allows 2 to 4 players. It has the same rules as other Ludo game apps. You can play it on both offline and online modes. Its special feature is the undo feature. Its key features are a regular theme, raid mode, undo feature, chat and make buddies, daily spin and early daily rewards.

Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.

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