Final Fantasy VII Remastered is finally here for iPhones and iPads

For the fans of the Final Fantasy series, including me, Apple has brought in some good news for us all. The company’s developers have officially and for the first time has brought their Final Fantasy VIII Remastered to the iPhone and the iPad.

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Originally launched in the classic year of 1999, the game sold more than 9.6 million copies worldwide, and now it’s possible to enjoy Final Fantasy VIII on the iPhone and the iPad with a renewed character CG.

“It is a time of war. The Republic of Galbadia, under the influence of the sorceress Edea, mobilizes its great armies against the other nations of the world. Squall and other members of SeeD, an elite mercenary force, join hands with Rinoa, a resistance fighter, to fight against Galbadia’s tyrannical rule and to prevent Edea from fulfilling her ultimate goal.”

The game of course is a re-mastered version of the original one and we have Guardian Force that is summoned creatures that are used to protect the protagonists. You just have to call them in the battle to unleash their might and to increase their power alongside player characters.

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The remastered version also makes it possible to obtain magic by extracting it in battle. MP doesn’t exist and players are limited to the number they have in possession.

The game, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered comes as a one-time purchase app in the App Store. From March 25 to April 4 it will cost $16.99, after that, the price will rise to $20.99.

The game approximately requires around 2.55GB of storage, Square Enix says this amount of downloadable data will be required just once while progressing through the game.

The company also plans to add cloud save and controller support options. However, to run the Final Fantasy VII Remastered users will need to be running iOS 13 or iPadOS 13.



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