Both SpaceX and OneWeb eyeing UK’s Gigabit program

The geo-satellite network is one of the rising global networks and two of the main rivals in the business, OneWeb, and SpaceX and racing to acquire deals from various government organizations.

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This week it was reported that OneWeb has successfully launched 36 Satellites into the earth’s orbit. On the other-hand its rival, SpaceX offers Starlink, which is already offering its beta internet services to its clients.

But, what both these rivals are aiming for is to get deals from the governments to connect to large rural areas. One such area which is the main target of both the rivals is the Arctic region of the US. Mostly isolated and largely unpopulated and un-explored the Arctic is a broadband desert.

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According to sources, SpaceX wants in on the UK’s new $6.9 billion Project Gigabit program, which aims to provide “lightning-fast” broadband internet to areas with little to no internet access.

The company was rescued from bankruptcy last year by the British government and Indian telecom giant Bharti Global and is also in talks with the program.

“We’ve also had conversations with [UK Minister for Digital Infrastructure Matt Warman], and indeed with his boss, and indeed with his boss’s boss, on what could be done with OneWeb,” stated OneWeb’s government affairs chief Chris McLaughlin.

OneWeb states that it wants to “repay the confidence in the UK government” in its bid for rural internet subsidies since the government helped in pulling OneWeb out of bankruptcy.



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