Liverpool’s offence is the tenth worst in the league

We are three months into 2021. During these three months, the only goal that Liverpool have managed to score at Anfield was a penalty in their defeat against Manchester City at Anfield. Moreover, the club has been on an Anfield losing streak after managing to build the place up like a fortress under Jürgen Klopp. 

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Stats show that Liverpool’s shot conversion this season is right in the middle of the clubs, and it can be perceived as the tenth worst or the tenth best. In either case, it’s not a very flattering stat to have as reigning champions of the Premier League. 

Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher has spoken about the club’s decline this season and had some pretty strong sentiments to share. 

‘They’ve lost goals, they don’t look like scoring. Even with 20 minutes to go you don’t feel Liverpool are going to score a goal,’ he told Sky Sports.

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‘It felt like it would need to be a big Chelsea mistake. You’re not quite sure where the goals are going to come from. 

‘I couldn’t believe Salah came off, to take your top scorer off was a strange one. Klopp’s never been shy in taking him off, he certainly wasn’t at his best today, but it wasn’t a game where he can lose possession.

‘He’s not a great player with the ball, he’s better at running off the ball and scoring goals. I don’t know if there was something about Sunday sharpness, or the games he’s played. It’s difficult to question Klopp, but I thought it was a strange one.

Goals win matches, and being so far off the top of the Premier League table, Liverpool’s primary objective must be to win all the games that they can and to be more clinical in their finishing. This is something that the returning Diogo Jota will be able to help with, and they need the player now more than ever. 


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