Reports: Google had some major projects running at the Stadia Games & Entertainment

Google, in a shocking announcement, revealed to the public the closure of Stadia Games & Entertainment. As much shocked as we all were, we all knew that this was doomed to happen.

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But reports have revealed further details about the studio’s projects before running to a close. The canceled projects from Stadia included a multiplayer action game known as “Frontier,” a sequel to Journey to the Savage Planet 2, and an exclusive game from the legendary Kojima.

A report from VideoGamesChronicle claims to reveal a few of the major projects Stadia Games & Entertainment, SG&E, had in the works. The reportedly “Frontier,” named project, was a major action multiplayer game. The team developing that game was reportedly led by Francois Pelland, the former producers of Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, a pretty big deal.

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Journey to the Savage Planet just made its Stadia debut this month, and Google’s purchase of Typhoon Studios was set to result in a sequel. But unfortunately, the team here only found out about the project’s cancellation alongside the public announcement.

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Stadia Games & Entertainment worked with some third-party studios to develop exclusive games for the Stadia platform. It’s been publicly known for some time that Harmonix was working with SG&E on an exclusive. In response to the news, Harmonix CEO claimed the game had not been canceled, stating, “While Google has shifted its strategy, we remain incredibly excited about what we’ve been working on for Stadia, and if the project isn’t released for Stadia, we will take it to other platforms.”

According to sources, Google was also working with Kojima Productions, the studio behind Death Stranding, Silent Hills, and Metal Gear Solid, on an episodic horror game.

Google had a pretty big project running at the Stadia Games & Entertainment. It makes you wonder why the company decided to pull the plug on all those projects. Hopefully, it doesn’t pull the plug on Stadia; I am pretty excited to see how the technology works when 5G becomes stable and globalized.



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