Intel’s Rocket Lake CPUs up for unofficial pre-orders

We already know that Intel will officially be unveiling and releasing its upcoming Rocket Lake Desktop family on March 16th and on the same day the blue team will start taking orders for the same. But it seems that some retailers have already started taking up unofficial pre-orders for Intel’s entire 11th Gen Rocket Lake Desktop CPU family.

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Earlier we reported a german retailer putting up the Core i7 Rocket Lake CPU in the sales list, now, a US retailer, Milwaukeepc, is one of the many who has listed the Rocket Lake lineup with preliminary pre-order prices.

It’s not the first time we are seeing this happening, we have seen early pre-orders for various upcoming products go up on retail outlets in the past. Though the CPUs are available before they actually are released the prices are massively inflated compared to the official MSRP’s.

The Intel Core i9-11900K has been listed for $599.99 US which is $100 US higher than the MSRP of the Core i9-10900K set by Intel. Even the Core i9-10900K is listed for a price of $610.99 US at the lowest. The same is the case with the Core i7-10700K which is listed for $484.99 US which is $100 US more than the MSRP of the Core i7-10700K. The Core i5-10600K has also been listed for $309.99 US. (+$48 US).

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Following are the preliminary pre-order prices listed by the retailer:

  • Core i9-11900K – $599.99 US
  • Core i9-11900KF – $579.99 US
  • Core i9-11900 – $509.99 US
  • Core i9-11900F – $479.99 US
  • Core i7-11700K – $484.99 US
  • Core i7-11700KF – $454.99 US
  • Core i7-11700 – $389.99 US
  • Core i7-11700F – $359.99 US
  • Core i5-11600K – $309.99 US
  • Core i5-11600KF – $279.99 US
  • Core i5-11600 – $264.99 US
  • Core i5-11500 – $234.99 US
  • Core i5-11400 – $214.99 US
  • Core i5-11400F – $179.99 US

We already know that Intel’s Rocket Lake line-up will not have any official review until the end of March, and so even anyone wants to purchase the products then they have to base their expectations only on the leaked information and their gut feeling. Even so, the processors are expected to be sold out pretty soon.



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