Top 10 movies available on Netflix in March 2021

In this terrible condition, it is better to watch movies at home so that the OTT platforms have tried their best to not keep any emptiness in delivering incredible movies to the audiences.

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In the top list of OTT platforms, Netflix is one of the best and most renowned platforms for movies. In this coming month, Netflix has going to launch many incredible films to watch on it. As Netflix is consists of a huge amount of movies, so cannot choose one to watch.

Here is a list of the top films on Netflix coming in March 2021:

10. Philomena

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This film is a true drama-comedy film which is directed by Stephen Frears. In this film, Steve Coogan and Dame Judi Dench’s have performed the role of a mother who is trying to find her long-lost son. The story is very heartfelt, historical, and keeping the balance between the two rhythms in a beautiful manner.

9. Croupier

Once upon a time, Clive Owen is considered a hot actor to perform the role of James Bond after letting go of Pierce Brosnan. In this film, we will be going to see Owen play the role of Croupier. You just think if Owen gets the offer to play the role of 007 then it will be amazing.

8. Two Weeks Notice

This film is another romantic comedy film that is going to feature on Netflix. In this film, we are going to see the pair of Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. The mixed chemistry of Grant and Bullock will be able to depict those beautiful romantic moments to the audience.

7. Training day

After the recent comeback of Denzel Washington in The Little Things, he has proved that he has plenty of twists and turns to give the audience about the detective work. This film is a detective movie that will depict that how could he pivot to a more sinister presence.

6. Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

In this film, Jack Black / Kyle Gass the two-man have a supergroup in this adventure movie. The part of this film is rock musical, part comedy and also music cameo festival. It is a very entertaining movie that can provide us the things we love about the films.

5. I am Legend 2

The latest adaptation of Will Smith is now revolving around streaming services. It is a thriller movie and also has some fighting scenes against a cunning foe.

4. Dances with Wolves

This film is a gigantic sprawling epic that is going to launch on Netflix. It is a film that has a very open saga that can explore the historical saga told in the book of Michael Blake’s book of the exact name.

3. Batman Begins(The Dark Knight)

We all know about the Dark Knight film of Christopher Nolan that had got a huge response. It is a little bit hard to think about this. The personal journey of Christian Bale Batman is going under the Caped Crusader and rescuing Gotham at any cost.

2. Crazy, Stupid, Love

It is an upcoming romantic comedy movie on Netflix. It is a film that will be able to achieve the feat. In this film, we are going to see Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the lead roles, which will be very fantastic on its own.

1. Step Up: Revolution

It is an awesome dance movie. In this film, we will be going to see dancer Emily who falls for the leader of the dance team. The development plan of her father has threatened the team’s neighborhood. The young girl, at last, feels like she has to take her place in the world.


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