Realme launched a Mobile Game Controller, Cooling Back Clip, Mobile Game Finger Sleeves, and a Motion Activated Night Light in India

Realme is not anymore a typical smartphone-making company as it is reaching new heights with manufacturing different electronics as well as smart gadgets for our daily usage. Recently, Realme has launched the Narzo 30 series in India. Apart from the smartphone, the company has also launched four exciting gadgets for tech lovers:

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1. Mobile Game Controller 2. Cooling Back Clip 3. Mobile Game Finger Sleeves 4. Motion Activated Night Light

So, let’s get into the details of each and every device out there in the list:

1. Mobile Game Controller

It is a next-gen mobile game controller from Realme which possesses the CapAir Mapping Technology by which a gamer can boost his gaming performance with more sensitive and responsive triggers and buttons. It has a good battery life of 80 hours and features Gaming Mouse Tactility as well. The keys and buttons of this controller have highly sensitive rapid response and not only this but also the buttons have the capability of one-touch burst mode which is recommendable in most mobile shooting games. After charging it for only 5 minutes you can enjoy nonstop gaming for up to 10 hours.

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Coming to its pricing, the Realme Mobile Game Controller carries an affordable price tag of 999 INR (roughly 13.8 US Dollars) and will be available for sale on 4th March 2021.

2. Cooling Back Clip

It is basically a smartphone cooling device from Realme and it is a clip so you can attach it with your Apple or Android devices and it can be adjustable as well between 65 to 85mm. This gadget features Dual cooling with a Semiconductor Ice chip and Realme says that it helps to reduce your device’s temperature from 53°C down to 25°C. As per the internal technology, this device has a 7 blade fan inside it that pushes cold air across the phone (inside and outside) results in a temperature reduction of the device. If you use your smartphone for a longer amount of time or if you are a gamer then it is definitely a loveable device for you.

The Realme cooling back clip has RGB Lighting with Kaleidoscopic effects that give the device a premium techy look and it carries a price tag of 1,799 INR (roughly 24.8 US Dollars) and will be available for sale on 4th March 2021.

3. Mobile Game Finger Sleeves

This is also a gamer’s thing from Realme, the mobile game finger sleeves. It is nothing but a finger sleeve made of superconducting Electric Silver Fiber with a 0.25mm ultra-thin design which offers maximum grip responsive touch while gaming so that you will not miss a single moment to win. These gaming finger sleeves carry a price tag of 129 INR (roughly 1.8 US Dollars) and will be available for sale on 4th March 2021.

4. Motion Activated Night Light

This is a smart light type of thing from Realme which works sensing motion. It has a motion sensor inside it. Whenever it senses any kind of human motion in its range, it lights up. It has a big battery life of 365 days. So, you can use it for almost one year without thinking much about the battery. This device flaunts eye-friendly diffused light with a 120-degree horizontal wide-angle range. The Motion Activated Night Light from Realme carries a price tag of only Rs. 599 and the sale have already started from today on Realme’s official website and Flipkart.


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