Nvidia’s first full quarterly sales report shows the company’s substantial growth

During the pandemic, we have already seen the demand for the Nvidia’s GPUs going up, and the recent rise in crypto mining has yet again proved that Nvidia is the best in the business there is. The green team recently revealed the first full quarterly sales of its GTX RTX 30 ‘Ampere’ consumer and enterprise GPU lineup today.

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We already know that Nvidia is yet again aiming for high goals and has been a recent hot topic due to its $40 billion attempt at acquiring British design house Arm Ltd. the company was up by 3% in aftermarket trading at 16:43 EST today after the company reported a whopping 59% year-over-year revenue growth for its fiscal year 2021 at the close of trading today.

But the biggest part of Nvidia’s fourth-quarter earnings comes from its Gaming revenue. At the end of the third quarter, the Santa Clara, California company reported $2.2 billion in revenue from the gaming segment.

The launch was however interested because Nvidia was unable to keep up with the demand factor for its cards. The problem still haunts the manufacturer as the demand for the product outpaced retailer supply.

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So despite reporting $2.5 billion revenue, it is still not the full potential that the Santa Clara company can reach. compared to Q4 FY 2020, NVIDIA’s inventory grew by $851 million or 85%, and when compared to the third quarter, it grew by a staggering $34 million or 23%.

Apart from the gaming segment, the company also reported second-biggest sales in the quarter was due to static datacenter sales, which managed to maintain third-quarter levels despite a drop in contribution from Mellanox. Mellanox had contributed 30% to NVIDIA’s revenues in the prior quarter, and contribution for FY 2021 stood at 10%.

The growth shown by the company is reasonable as the green teams in attempting to deal with the supply shortage problem. The demand for chips is increasing in the market, and it seems that Nvidia is finally heading in the right direction to solve the problem.



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