LG TVs to support Stadia in the second half of 2021

LG is set to become the first TV manufacturers to natively support Stadia gameplay via webOS. The company has revealed plans to support Stadia in its webOS TV systems that will be released in the latter half of the year. 

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Stadia Pro users will be treated to a 4K display and 5.1 surround audio as well. Moreover, customers having a Stadia controller will be able to play titles such as Cyberpunk 2077, NBA 2K21, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, and Watch Dogs: Legion. No additional software download or hardware purchases will be necessary to access these titles. 

“Supporting Stadia on LG TVs is our commitment to customers that gaming is an increasingly important feature expected by LG TV owners,” said Lee Sang-woo, senior vice president of corporate business strategy at LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “Stadia is changing how people access their favorite games and by providing webOS compatibility, we’re making an early commitment to the platform.”

As of this moment, only LG TVs having webOS 6.0 have access to Stadia. The models having webOS 5.0 will be receiving Stadia support later this year, as revealed by the company at CES 2021. 

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There are also plans to have a downloadable service in place in the second half of 2021 to be available on the LG Content Stores, in the countries where Stadia is available. 

Stadia has been slowly eliminating the need for high-end gaming consoles, with many casual gamers often wanting to resort to a minimalist setup of simply having a Stadia controller and enjoying access to various titles without breaking the bank. 

Moreover, consistent 4K audio and 60FPS display make this setup a very preferred platform for enjoying video games for many. 


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