CES 2021: Sensel introduced its best possible touchpad yet

Touch and smart technology are the basis of the next-gen devices. As such, Sensel, one of the leading innovators in the field of touch and haptics announced its newest Haptic Touchpad. The new technology is introduced at the world’s biggest IT event the CES 2021.

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According to fresh sources, the manufacturer’s new Haptic Touchpad combines three different proprietary technologies to create a uniquely satisfying and advanced interactive experience.

The first technology is the Capacitive Touch Grid, which captures an extremely high-resolution touch image on the surface of the pad. Then the Force Field Technology will capture the amount of force applied per finger. It will then covert them into force and shape data. Then finally the company’s Direct Drive Haptics, provides powerful kicks in one moment and crisp clicks in the next. It depends on the force applied to the screen.

The new applications which the Haptic Touchpad has brought are limitless and the amazing thing is that the module which powers the device is only three millimeters thick. The reduced thickness enables the option to fit a larger battery for longer life. The device is simply the best fit for modern high-end devices.

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The most prominent feature of the new touchpad is it supports gestures including two-finger scroll, two-finger pinch, and other multi-finger gestures. Users can also utilize multi-touch and force gestures to precisely manipulate three-dimensional models.

“Until now, touch and haptic technologies have been designed separately, resulting in challenging integrations for manufacturers and inconsistent performance for end-customers. At Sensel, we take these different technologies and integrate them into a complete product that is modular and tuned specifically for our customers’ applications. This solution enhances the interactive capabilities of existing devices and has the potential to revolutionize how we physically communicate with the digital world.” 

Additional Specs and Features include:

  • Haptic Control: Sensel’s direct-drive haptics technology allows you to dynamically adjust the haptic effect the user feels when they press on the touchpad.
  • Incredible Linearity: A combination of a high-resolution touch grid and Sensel hardware compression provides best-in-class linearity of <0.5mm across the entire sensor.
  • Less False Touch Failures: With electrodes that are spaced closer together, the solution is less susceptible to false touch failures even with smaller finger sizes.        
  • Dynamic Scanning Rates: Dynamic scanning at various resolutions allows for performance when you need it while simultaneously balancing lower power consumption.



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