What to Expect From Hitman 3 and The Pre-Order Details

Only ten days left from the release. Be ready to enter the world of assassination. Hitman 3 is going to release on 20 January 2021, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia. Here we have brought some points that what to expect from Hitman 3.

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1.The Camera:

A new tool is included in Agent 47’s collection in Hitman 3, which is a camera. It can be used to hack and scan devices in different missions. You use the camera on a dead body to know, what killed the person. The interesting thing is if you are going to integrate Hitman 1 & 2, then also in those levels, the camera will take its role.

2. Progress of Hitman 2:

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If you own either of any previous two Hitman games you can play the levels of these previous games in Hitman 3. One additional detail is that your progression of Hitman 2 will carry over to Hitman 3.

3. Game Modes:

In Hitman 3 you’ll find five different modes. The first one is a campaign, where players will go through the game story having six missions. The second one is elusive targets, the targets which will appear for a limited time. If you fail to complete the target, you’ll not be given any second chance to complete it. The third mode is escalations, where the game will remix new challenges to raise the difficulty with increasing security cameras and disguise options. The fourth one is the contracts mode. You have to select your own contacts by selecting NPCs as targets and set to strategy to assassinate. The last one is the sniper assassin. You can assume by its name that this is a long-range assignment. Without triggering the alarms eliminate your targets.

4. A German Nuclear Power Plant:

IO Interactive will announce the fourth location, which is Berlin, Germany. There is not much information about that. But from some screenshots, it’s recognized that the place is an old nuclear power plant in Germany.

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5. Mastery Tiers:

Every single level of Hitman 3 will contain 20 mastery tires and unlocking each tier, will give you rewards that will carry forward for your future playthrough. If you are planning to complete 20 mastery tiers of all 6 levels, then it’s gonna be long gameplay for you.

Pre-Order Details

There are two editions available for Hitman 3, one is the standard edition and the other one is the deluxe edition. The standard edition contains the simple base game and the deluxe editions offer you the base game with a deluxe pack (extra digital soundtracks, in-game suits). If you are going to pre-order then you’ll receive another bonus, named ‘Trinity Pack’, which offers nine items (three suits, three briefcases, and three pistols).


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