Intel’s next-line of CPUs leaked online

A new rumor has been making rounds on the internet that states Intel has at least three lineups planned for launch after its 11th Gen Rocket Lake. It includes the 12th Gen Alder Lake, 13th Gen Meteor Lake, and the 14th Gen Lunar Lake processors.

Alder Lake

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The Intel Alder Lake family is officially confirmed to be the 12th Generation Core family and will be launched in the second quarter of 2020, approved by Intel. However, according to sources, Alder Lake will be launching by 2022. The processor will reportedly offer around 5 GHz boost clocks and will also be outfitted with 32 Gen 12 Execution Units, which equals 256 cores. The GPU will have improved performance over the existing Gen 12 based Xe GPUs.

The lineup is expected to be configured in the following configurations:

  • 8/16 + 8 (Core i9)
  • 8/16 + 4 (Core i7)
  • 6/12 + 4 (Core i5)
  • 6/12 + 0 (Core i3 / Pentium)

The Alder Lake CPUs will be the first desktop processor family to feature a 10nm process node. The CPUs will come with standard high-performance ‘Cove’ cores and smaller yet efficient ‘Atom’ cores.

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Intel has released the following update regarding its 2021 architecture lineup:

Intel Golden Cove (Core) Architecture:

  • Improve Single-Threaded Performance (IPC)
  • Improve Artificial Intelligence (AI) Performance
  • Improve Network/5G Performance
  • Enhanced Security Features

Intel Gracemont (Atom) Architecture:

  • Improve Single-Threaded Performance (IPC)
  • Improve Frequency (Clock Speeds)
  • Improve Vector Performance

Meteor Lake

The Intel Meteor Lake will be based on a new line of Cove core architecture. It is rumored to be the ‘Redwood Cove’ and will supposedly be based on a 7nm EUV process node. According to sources, the Meteor Lake CPUs will be the first CPU generation from Intel to ditch the ring bus interconnect architecture. The CPU will also feature a fully 3D-Stacked design and utilize an I/O die sourced from an external fab.

The CPU will feature support on the LGA 1700 socket, which is the same socket used by Alder Lake processors. It will have DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen 5.0 support. The NVMe support is expected to be limited to PCIe Gen 4 rather than PCIe Gen 5, which the platform will support, which is rather disappointing.

Lunar Lake

The Intel Lunar Lake family is expected to launch around 2023-2024. It will most likely replace the Meteor Lake lineup and will be Intel’s 14th Gen series. The Lunar Lake will come with Gen 12.9 graphics. On the other hand, the Alder Lake Desktop CPUs are listed with 12.2 & Meteor Lake with 12.722 Generations.


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