Bethesda Dev might have a target to release Starfield in 2021

Starfield is the new project from the studio behind Skyrim, Bethesda Softworks. Bethesda is making its first-ever Role-Playing game in 25 years. This game is a first-person RPG game, themed on a space adventure.

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They still haven’t declared any specific release date but Thursday morning, Ashley Cheng, the managing director of Bethesda, confirmed a release date window. Ashley was present on the live stream, where company executive Todd Howard was awarded the Developer Star Award.

One Redditor named Rynderend noticed on the live stream that the insignia on Ashley Cheng’s sleeve was familiar to the insignia of previously leaked screenshots of this game. In October, ElectricalAd8659, a leaker revealed some images of Starfield into Discord server, and he wrote, “There were more than what was seen already, game is targeted for 2021. Enjoy”.

There was no such proof to stand with the leaker, but after the live stream, we can say that the leaks were legitimate. The game first released its teaser in 2018.

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Eric Braun, Senior Programmer of Bethesda described the new Starfield custom animation system but later it was removed by him. He wrote:

“For BGS, I’ve been busy replacing Havok Behavior with a custom animation system for Starfield and all future BGS console games. It features graph-based editing, live monitoring, in-game animation rewind tools, predictive foot in with bone scaling and retargeting, high quality compression, and a very high level of performance.”

The company hasn’t released any official trailers yet, and also nothing declared about the official launch date. We’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned with us.

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