Noise Air Buds Review: Is it the best option to choose at Rs.1,999?

Noise is currently one of the strongest rivals for TWS makers in the Indian market, especially for boAt. Maintaining the existing competition Noise just launched its new truly wireless earphone named Noise Air Buds, which has hit the market this Tuesday (3rd November).

In the first sale, the price was set at Rs.1,999. In this range, the company is offering a great deal to its fans. Needless to say, Noise is committed to delivering top quality products to its customers at an attractive price tag. So, it’s our duty to check whether the company is keeping its promise with the new product or not.

Noise Air Buds Review -

I am using these Noise Air Buds for around two days, and now sharing my experience with you through this review. Before going deeper have a look at the on-paper specifications.

Specifications :-

  • 13 mm dynamic audio driver
  • Touch control
  • Lightweight lightweight
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Up to 20 hours battery backup
  • Type-C charging port
  • IPX4 Certification
  • Voice assistant support

The company is offering only a Icy White color variant to its customers.

In the Box :-

  • A pair of Noise Air Buds
  • Charging case
  • Type-C cable
  • Basic paper works
Noise Air Buds Review -

Design & Build Quality :-

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The first in-hand feel of the Noise Air Buds is good and premium. The oval-shaped charging case comes with a matt finish that helps it to prevent dust. There is branding on top of the lid and at the back, you will find the type C port for charging. The thickness is very less so that you can carry it easily in your pockets.

  • Noise Air Buds Review -
  • Noise Air Buds Review -

Though the charging case comes with matt finish, the buds are completely opposite, that means these have a glossy finish. The sheep feed is quite similar to the Apple AirPods. Just look at the images that I have attached with this post. Despite the glossy finish, it’s catching dirt so much. In this short time of usage, I cleaned this buds for 3 to 4 times. Other than that, the rest of the things are good.

Overall the build quality is decent, and shape and size is also suitable to carry in your pockets.

Noise Air Buds Review -

It has touch control, as I wrote earlier. On the stick of the buds, an LED light is there to indicate the active status and just below it, the touch sensor is placed.

If you want to wear it while working out, you are free to go. The IPX4 certification ensures the buds can easily tolerate sweat and splashes.

Comfort & Usage :-

Each bud weighs just 4.6 grams and with the case, it comes around 50 grams. That means you can use these buds for a long time, especially if you are working from home these days, the Noise Air Buds can be one of the best comfortable TWS for you.

Wearing these buds are very easy. Due to its design, you need not have to push it inside your earholes, just hold it and hang from the ears, that’s it. In case you feel any pain after a certain time, that indicates the placement of the bud is not perfect. As the buds don’t have any silicone ear tips, it may take time to adjust to the perfect position. I have also faced it a couple of times.

Noise Air Buds Review -

It comes with touch controls. If you want to manage tracks or calls or even want to wake up your voice assistant, you are just a few taps away. The response of your touch comes mostly within a second which is good enough. You hardly can tap on the sensor accurately in the beginning but after using some time you will master. All the touch functionalities are given below –

Once on rightVolume up,
Answer a call
Once on leftVolume down,
Answer a call
Twice (right or left)Pause/play music,
End the call
Hold for 2 secondsReject call,
Wake up voice assistant
Thrice on rightNext track
Thrice on leftPrevious track

Pairing the Air Buds is the same as the other TWS earphones. To turn the Bluetooth on, you just need to take the buds out from the case. If you keep that outside without pairing with any smartphone, Bluetooth will automatically go off. To turn it on again, just tap on the sensor a couple of times.

Noise Air Buds Review -

Audio Quality :-

Noise equipped its new Air Buds with 13mm audio drivers. So, top-notch audio quality is not that surprising. I tried with a wide variety of audios and concluded the audio output of both the buds are not mismatching. In terms of audio properties like bass and all are very balanced. The audio is very loud but does not hurt the ears even at the maximum volume. For media consumption, the Noise Air Buds is one of the best earphones to provide a balanced and stereo experience. There is no latency issue.

My experience while listening to any media was smooth and pleasant, but during calls, a vibration sound comes out when the person on the other side says something. May be possible, it’s the issue of this particular unit.

Noise Air Buds Review -

Microphone :-

You only need these microphones when you receive a call or interact with your voice assistant. During the calls, though I get all the outputs very well, the microphones sometimes struggle to catch my voice. On top of that, a metallic sound was added with my tone every time. Surprisingly, the Google Assistant receives all my instructions clearly.

Noise Air Buds Review -

Battery Backup:-

On paper, the company claims to provide up to 20 hours of backup with the charging case. The case has a 500mAh battery and each bud has a 45mAh battery inside. The buds consume around 40% charge for 3 hours of continuous media playing at 60% volume most of the time. I can’t drain the entire battery yet in two days of regular use.

Considering this, you can expect around 15 hours of power backup or even more from it.

The buds take around 75 minutes to get fully charged, and the case consumes around 2 hours. Make sure you don’t use fast charging adapters to charge the case.

Noise Air Buds Review -

Pros :-

  • Balanced sound quality in the case of media consumption
  • Easy to manage tracks and calls. Thanks to touch control.
  • Lightweight
  • Premium design
  • Strong connectivity
  • Comfortable fit
  • IPX4 certification
  • Long battery life

Cons :-

  • The microphone is not good enough
  • Vibration sound comes during calls
  • The buds attract dirt
Noise Air Buds Review -

Verdict :-

As I wrote in the Microphone section, if media consumption is your main priority, the Noise Air Buds is one of the best options at around Rs.2,000. Otherwise, for attending lots of calls, you will have to compromise a lot.

The build-quality, audio output, battery backup, and comfort while using are up to the mark. The microphone is the only thing to compromise.

The Noise Air Buds was available on both Noise’s official website and Amazon Indian at Rs.1,999 during its first sale on 3rd November. But currently, it’s listed for Rs.2,499. You can check the page to know whether the stocks again fill or not. The link is given below.


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A great option for media consumption, but not for calls.
Anupam Modak
A CS Engineer and Tech Enthusiast who likes to fiddle with the latest gadgets and tech happenings around the world.

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