Intel Tiger Lake-H, Alder Lake-P, and Alder Lake-S detailed specs revealed

Tiger lake-based laptops have started hitting the stores and are a must for anybody looking to upgrade from an older generation notebook. Intel has moved to its 10nm chip process with its Tiger Lake, meaning more performance is delivered with a small size. The new processor also sports the latest Iris Xe iGPU by Intel, which delivers decent graphics processing than its predecessors.

Intel revealed its Alder Lake, a high performing hybrid architecture but did not reveal much of the details. But we have got our hands on exclusive information regarding several Tiger Lake-H, Alder Lake-P, and Alder Lake-S specifications from OEM, courtesy of Notebookcheck.

The actual information might still differ once the final specs are revealed by the Semiconductor giant, but this information is still like a pearl found in the deep ocean. NBC states that the actual clock speeds of and TDPs are still elusive.

Tiger Lake – H

The report claims that the TGL-H is likely to arrive in 35 W and 45 W variants with 35 W topping out four cores and 45 W up to eight cores but will come with 32 execution units (EUs) Xe GPU. NBC also reports that the new Tiger Lake – H will be based on the 10nm Willow Cove core with up to 8C/16T configuration.

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The Tiger Lake – H will support DDR4-3200 RAM up to 128 GB. The CPU has 20 PCIe Gen 4 lanes and 24 Gen 3 lanes from the PCH. The Xe LP iGPU will feature up to 32 EUs and can output up to 8K 60 HDR videos.

Alder Lake – P and Alder Lake -S

Alder Lake will be a hybrid CPU architecture, as confirmed by Intel itself. A hybrid architecture is pretty economical in power consumption but is not highly rated enough to deliver expected boost clocks. Alder Lake sports the smaller Gracemont (GRT) cores and the big cores of Golden Cove (GLC). The smaller cores are the successor of Tremont, while the bigger ones are successors of Willow Coves.

Sources claim of Alder Lake -P of having 6 GLC and 8 GRT cores while the Alder Lake -S will have up to 8 GLC and 8 GRT cores. But hyperthreading will be offered only in GLC cores for both P and S Alder Lake variants.

Alder Lake – P will reportedly offer 96 – EU Xe LP iGPU, while Alder Lake – S will come with 32 EUs. The iGPU in both Alder Lake variants will support Intel’s Gaussian and Neural Accelerator 3.0 (GNA 3.0) edge AI processing. Both the variants will support up to 64 GB (ADL-P) and 128 GB (ADL-S) of DDR5-4400 RAM.

A detailed table of all the Tiger Lake features is given below (courtesy: Notebookcheck):

FeatureTiger Lake-HAlder Lake-PAlder Lake-S BGA
Cores/Threads8/16 Willow Cove6/12 Golden Cove + 8/8 Gracemont8/16 Golden Cove + 8/8 Gracemont
ProcessCPU – 10 nm;
PCH (Discrete) – 14 nm
CPU – 10 nm;
PCH (In-package) – 14 nm
CPU – 10 nm;
PCH (Discrete) – 14 nm
LLC Cache24 MB24 MB30 MB
Packaging (mm x mm)CPU – 50 x 26.5;
PCH – 25 x 24
CPU + PCH – 50 x 25CPU – 45 x 37.5;
PCH – 28 x 25
GPUXe 32 EUsXe 96 EUsXe 32 EUs
GPU Features4x Display-out;
Dual DisplayPort 1.4b;
8K 60 HDR;
12b, AV1 dual encoders
4x Display-out;
DisplayPort 1.4b;
AV1 accelerated encode;
GNA 3.0
4x Display-out;
DisplayPort 1.4b;
AV1 accelerated encode;
GNA 3.0
Memory SupportDDR4-3200 128 GBDDR4-3200 64 GB;
DDR5-4400 64 GB
DDR4-3200 128 GB;
DDR5-4400 128 GB
Connectivity4x Thunderbolt 4 + DisplayPort;
Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax
4x Thunderbolt 4 + 1x Maple Ridge;
Wi-Fi 6E 802.11axR2
2x Maple Ridge;
Wi-Fi 6E 802.11axR2
PCIe LanesCPU – 20 – Gen4 x16 + Gen4 x4;
PCH – 24 – Gen3 x24
CPU – 16 – Gen5 x8 + 2x Gen4 x4;
PCH – 12 – Gen3 x12
CPU – 20 – Gen5 x16 + Gen4 x4;
PCH – 28 – Gen4 x16 + Gen3 x12
Security FeaturesTotal Memory Encryption (TME);
Return-oriented programming (ROP) attack prevention
ROP attack prevention;
Hypervisor-manager Linear Address Translation (HLAT);
Multi-key TME (MK-TME)
ROP attack prevention;

Credit: NoteBookCheck

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