How to Watch Hotstar Outside India?

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The world of entertainment is changing quickly and Hotstar is one of the fastest-growing streaming services in the world. Recently, this India-based subscription service has expanded and now includes the United States and Canada. Through the Hotstar app, there are numerous popular live sports options available including the IPL, Motorsports, Formula 1, tennis, and more.

Sadly, outside of these countries, the popular streaming service is still not available. While it used to be relatively easy to watch Hotstar outside of India, times have changed and the company has gotten stricter. Now, unless the user is based in the United States, India, or Canada, the streaming service is not available. The good news is that there is a way around this.

Why Prevent Hotstar from Being Accessed Outside of India?

The biggest reason why Hotstar has limited its content geographically is that there is a lot of competition from other companies. It is the same reason why Netflix limits the content that people watch by geography. In the world of streaming, there are geographical licenses that streaming companies get because of competition or to cut overhead costs.

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For example, there might be a particularly TV that is licensed to HBO in the United States but Netflix in another country. Therefore, in these countries, Hotstar is not allowed to stream that specific TV show in those countries.

Furthermore, if Hotstar has a license to a TV show in India and they found out that people could stream that TV show in India on another app, they would not be happy with the added competition. This is why companies, including Hotstar, limit where and how their shows can be watched.

Stream Hotstar Via a VPN To Get Around Geolocation Blockers

Geolocation blockers are used to limit people’s viewing based on where they are located. When individuals try to stream Hotstar or other streaming services, the app takes a look at the user’s IP address and uses this to track their location. If they are outside of the United States, Canada, or India, then it blocks their ability to stream.

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This is where a VPN can be helpful. VPN stands for a virtual private network. VPN connections encrypt the user’s data using a tunnel. Then, the VPN takes the device’s internet connection and routes it through a server chosen by the user instead of the server chosen by the ISP (internet service provider). That way, when the user’s IP address reaches the app, it comes from the VPN’s server instead of the ISP.

In this manner, users are able to leverage the power of a VPN server to change their IP address, making their physical location appear different than what it really is. Because VPNs have servers all over the world, users can make their IP addresses appear to be any location they wish.

How To Use a VPN To Stream Hotstar

The process of using a VPN to access Hotstar is relatively easy. Users simply need to use a VPN service to get around the geolocation blockers of Hotstar to make themselves look like they are in a location that can stream this service. By changing the
IP address, Hotstar will think that users are in a valid location to stream their service. To stream Hotstar outside of India using a VPN:

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● Download a high-quality, safe Hotstar VPN service
● Create an account on the VPN service
● Take a look at the catalog of servers that are available
● Select a server that is located in the United States, Canada, or India to get
around Hotstar’s geolocation blocker
● Visit the Hotstar app
● Take a look at the shows available and start streaming

Once people have the VPN service activated, they should notice that their IP address has changed. This should be proof that the server is working and that Hotstar will believe that the viewer is located in a different part of the world than they actually are,
allowing them to stream their shows.

What if a Certain Show Is Still Not Available?

It is possible that using a VPN service, users might still notice that certain shows are missing. This is because even inside India, the United States, and Canada, not all shows are available. For example, users in the United States will still notice that some of their shows are limited. Therefore, it is important to pick the location of the server carefully.

The biggest catalog of shows through Hotstar is located in India. Users in the United States and Canada will still be able to see a large number of shows, but not all of them. Therefore, if the desired show is not available, consider switching the server to another
country, such as India. Then, the show should become available.

Watch Hotstar Outside of India Using a VPN

Hotstar is one of the fastest-growing streaming services in the world and millions of people want to stream their shows. Sadly, geolocation blockers might make watching Hotstar difficult. This is where a VPN service can make it easier to get around geolocation blockers, making streaming Hotstar a breeze.

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  1. I am accessing Hotstar India from Malaysia. Earlier I have used Express VPN which is a very costly VPN. Now I have found cheap and good VPN service Smart DNS VPN.

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