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Now is the time for decisive matches in the English Premier League.

If the name of the tournament winner is clear enough, since Liverpool has no competitors, then it’s now so simple with outsiders. However, there are clubs whose chances of escaping the relegation zone look very illusory. For example, Norwich stands out among them.

The team has just entered the Premier League this season, and despite having a good roster and a very fun game, it has been in last place in the standings almost the entire tournament. If you want to make your betting with bitcoin on beneficial, you can earn some money on matches of this club.

The reasons for such an unsuccessful performance of the Canaries are:

  • Poor game in defence. The team looks very convincing in the attack, but there are clear problems in the defence line. And if it were not for the goalkeeper Tim Krul, then everything could have turned out much worse.
  • Bad luck. Norwich often plays well, but bitter misfires in the defence don’t allow the club to achieve a decent result.
  • The strength of direct competitors. In the currents campaign, the club’s opponents were very strong, and despite the fact that Norwich showed good football, it could rarely count on a positive outcome.
  • Despite the fact that there is still time to rectify the situation, it is hard to believe that the team will be able to stay in the elite of English football. Although history also knows more impressive breakthroughs, fans should not lose hope so far, especially since competitors make mistakes regularly.

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