In this pandemic condition, the new month brings new UI for India’s music streaming platform JioSaavan. The updates make the app much handier for the users. Let’s have look at what the update brought to us.

When you open the updated JioSaavan app, the first thing will pinch you the home page modification. You, surely get a hassle-free experience while going through it. The reason is the designers added dedicated sections for music, podcasts, and JioTunes.

JioSaavan gets revamped with new UI and more

The developers added two new impressive features called ‘Living Search’ and ‘Shorties’. The ‘Living Search’ is responsible for the recommendations you will get. Those will be based on your listening habits and also on the genres you liked. For the ‘Shorties’, you will get short visuals of 15 seconds of the track you select.

Overall, they are focusing on the song recommendations to get more users. They improved their AI mechanism by blending the classical collaborative filtering approaches like Matrix Factorization, Word2Vec, and more with deep learning models.

The Chief Product Officer and SVP of Design of JioSaavan, Clint Balcom said, “Discovery of new music to be an important component to streaming, so we wanted to prioritize a sharpened engine for relevant recommendations and track suggestions.”

JioSaavan team is still working on the web and desktop version of the app as well as the variants of Jio Set Top Box and JioPhone.

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