Cloudflare’s is now available for families

- Advertisement - Microsoft [CPS] IN US APAC is the first privacy-first DNS solver. This is the second-largest, after Google, public DNS resolver in the World by processing more than 200 billion DNS requests per day. Anyone can use it, from anywhere at no cost. From the very launching date, two years ago, they received maximum requests to provide a product version that automatically filters bad sites. As a response, they launched for Families on this April 1. for Families is an additional layer of security to protect the home network from malware and adult content. This security part is placed on the top of the privacy protection and fast processing they had before. They claim this resolver takes 14.8 milliseconds to respond to a DNS request where the other takes around 70 milliseconds.
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In this Family version, by changing just a number you can get two different options. One will only block the malware and the other one blocks malware as well as adult contents.

Malware Blocking Option for IPv4 use:
  • Primary DNS 👉🏼
  • Secondary DNS 👉🏼
Malware & Adult Content Blocking Option for IPv4 use:
  • Primary DNS 👉🏼
  • Secondary DNS 👉🏼
Malware Blocking Option for IPv6 use:
  • Primary DNS 👉🏼 2606:4700:4700::1112
  • Secondary DNS 👉🏼 2606:4700:4700::1002
Malware & Adult Content Blocking Option for IPv6 use:
  • Primary DNS 👉🏼 2606:4700:4700::1113
  • Secondary DNS 👉🏼 2606:4700:4700::1003

In the coming months, they promised to bring more customization options over it. The option of a whitelist and blacklist will be there. Using this a time can be set, when the categorized sits will be accessible and when not. It can help to stay away from social media during working hours.

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